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Quantified Citizen is a privacy-centric mobile health research platform for designing, recruiting and managing decentralized clinical trials, real-world observational studies, and measurement based clinical care. By automating and simplifying the process, they enable researchers and clinicians to spend more time thinking, analyzing, and problem solving, and less time doing administrative work.

The Quantified Citizen platform has a suite of tools for automating protocol creation, data analysis and data visualizations.  Researchers and clinicians get access to a massive library of validated patient-reported and clinician-administered scales, wearable data collection, and cognitive and neurological assessments to generate rich clinical-grade data to support their research objectives, while incentivizing participants with personalized health insights.

Quantified Citizen hosts a mix of public and private studies on their free mobile apps, including ones on trending topics like psychedelics and mental wellness. Quantified Citizen's study on psychedelic microdosing's effects on cognitive performance and mental health was published in the prestigious Nature Scientific Reports. The study, informally called Microdose.me, is the largest microdosing study in the world at 17,000 participants and counting, and is a collaboration between Quantified Citizen, Dr. Zach Walsh and Joseph Rootman of University of British Columbia, Paul Stamets, Dr. Pamela Kryskow, Dr. Kim Kuypers of Maastricht University, and the godfather of microdosing, Dr. James Fadiman.

Quantified Citizen is collaborating with a number of companies, institutions and non-profits on a variety of psychedelic studies. Clients include MAPS, Psychedelic Data Society, Wavepaths, MycoMedica, Diamond Therapeutics, Parnassia Group, Beckley Foundation, University of British Columbia, University of Washington, University of Maastricht, Enfold Institute, and others.


Purpose: We believe science is the single greatest invention in human history.  We empower everyone to participate in health science and push the frontier of discovery.

Vision: A world where doing scientifically valid health research is as fast and easy as creating a website, with the same global reach.

Mission: To inspire the world to measure and discover what it means to be healthy.