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GoodCap’s team has more than three decades of research and clinical experience in plant and mycelial biotechnology, including more than fifteen years spent developing proprietary and stable plant genetics. They have collectively brought more than one hundred products to market and developed many exclusive formulations and techniques.

Their scientists have been recognized by federal regulatory bodies for their extensive work in controlled substances. They leverage state-of-the-art research facilities in Alberta, Canada to work at the forefront of drug development.

Through this work, their education, advocacy, and community building, Good Cap Wellness is poised to become a global leader in the legal cultivation, research, development, and commercialization of mushroom-related products.


Sansero Life Sciences

Sansero Life Sciences develops novel psilocybin-based drugs for the treatment of mental health and other conditions. We are currently engaged in pre-clinical research to prepare for testing our pharmaceutical drug candidates in clinical trials. These drugs have the potential to replace current antidepressants and ADHD medications by treating the complete neurological pathway, while significantly reducing negative side effects.

A Good Mushroom

A Good Mushroom is built to advocate for the diverse health and wellness benefits of functional mushrooms, the subset of mushroom species known to actively support health. We’ve opened Canada’s first mushroom-focused adaptogen store, which offers everything from tinctures to educational materials and follows a food-is-medicine philosophy with special emphasis on culinary enjoyment. A Good Mushroom also acts as a community hub for those interested in mycology.


Steve Sadoff, Co-founder and CEO

Steve has more than fifteen years of leadership experience developing and launching products in regulated markets including nutraceuticals, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, and natural health. With a proven track record of growing sales, building brands, and leading product-development teams for Bacardi, Labatt, Novartis, and Jamieson Laboratories, Steve has led the successful introduction of nearly one hundred innovative products.

Dr. Darryl Hudson, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer

Darryl has deep expertise in molecular biology, neuroscience, and genetics in psychedelics. He holds a PhD in molecular biology and genetics. Prior to founding GoodCap, Darryl co-founded InPlanta Biotechnology Inc. and Pathways Rx, where he led the development and commercialization of proprietary plant genetics. He has also co-authored numerous peer-reviewed research articles on plant biology, genetics, DNA repair, epigenetics, and cancer.

Irie Selkirk, Co-founder and Advisor

Irie is a trailblazer in the natural medicine and psychedelics industries who believes that the thoughtful and intentional consumption of medicines and mindful healing can infuse our lives with purpose. She founded Rise Wellness, the world’s first microdose psilocybin retreat, and co-founded Sansero Life Sciences and the Toronto support chapter of MAPS Canada. Irie’s deep knowledge of natural substances and their healing properties spans multiple industries. She has extensive experience in consumer strategy, outreach, and education and speaks at conferences and seminars around the world.