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Silo Wellness is dedicated to expanding the mycelium-like network of mushroom awareness around the world.

SILO was founded in Oregon and has been in the psychedelics and functional mushroom space since 2018 and ultimately formulated and announced a patent-pending psilocybin nasal spray in Jamaica in 2019. This metered-dosing delivery modality was created for consumer microdosing to address some of the primary issues that may prevent many from trying natural psychedelics for the first time, including dose reliability, taste, stomach upset, and stigma.   The nasal spray bypasses the digestive system by entering the bloodstream through the nasal membranes

In addition to its IP portfolio, SILO is focusing on consumer product and wellness center/retreat brand development for psychedelic and functional mushrooms.  Its go-to-market revenue strategy includes scaling its United States Silo Reboot brand of functional mushrooms and its magic mushroom cultivation and psychedelic retreat operations in Jamaica

If the legalization of psilocybin is successful, Silo intends to offer psilocybin retreats in Oregon as well as pursue a clinical psilocybin-assisted counseling element with patients using the psilocybin nasal spray prior to sessions through either licensees or through Silo’s own branded psilocybin service centers.

Nasal Spray

Silo established a proof of concept of a psilocybin metered-dose nasal spray in Jamaica. The nasal spray bypasses the digestive system by entering the bloodstream through the nasal membranes offering more controlled and faster acting dosages.

Functional Mushrooms

Silo Wellness also offers a line of functional mushroom products. They use a triple extraction process to unlock maximum bioavailability. Their products contain no gluten, no GMO’s, no pesticides or herbicides. Mushrooms are certified wild crafted and/or organic!

Triple extraction process:

- Mushrooms are fermented, to make the polysaccharides, triterpenoids, and alkaloids more accessible.

- Next, we perform a hot water extraction, because polysaccharides are water soluble.

- Finally, 90 days in alcohol draws the non-polar triterpenoids out.


Silo Wellness offers several therapeutic retreat packages in Jamaica and Oregon.

Silo Wellness Jamaica Haven

Silo Wellness Jamaica Haven Retreat is a 6 day Psilocybin retreat on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Their retreats are designed to accommodate the needs of all  guests as they participate in a transformational experience. The wellness retreat is designed to inspire creativity and introspection.  

Silo Wellness Heroes Retreat

The Silo Wellness Heroes Retreat is specially designed for veterans and first responders healthcare workers impacted by the pandemic. We want to play our part by offering COVID first responders the opportunity to rest and experience mushrooms firsthand. Learn to use mushrooms with daily meditation classes and daily meals.

Mushroom Grower’s Workshop Retreat

A 3 day / 2 night retreat to learn the secrets of growing magic mushrooms from some of the first legal professionals in the industry. Covering the techniques that are being used to create the first fully legal psilocybin industry on the planet.

Oregon Ketamine-Assisted Wellness Retreat

Silo Wellness’s first-of-its-kind ketamine-assisted wellness retreat, under the care of Dr. Matthew Hicks, ND, MS, is designed to allow participants to focus on nature and the most beautiful natural product of nature: the mind and self.

This 6-day / 5-night retreat is designed for those ready to put in the work on themselves.


July 2019 – Files provisional patent application for psilocybin nasal spray. (Provisional Application No. 62/870,722)

December 2019
– Announces the development of psilocybin nasal spray in Jamaica.

July 2020
– Files nonprovisional utility patent application for “Metered Dosing Compositions and Methods of Use of Psychedelic Compounds“ of which the psilocybin nasal spray is one product example. Non-provisional International Patent Application Number: PCT/US20/40826 filed pursuant to the Patent Cooperation Treaty.