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Cybin Inc. (NEO: CBYN; OTC: CLXPF) Cybin is focused on progressing psychedelic therapeutics by utilizing proprietary drug discovery platforms, innovative drug delivery systems, novel formulation approaches and treatment regimens for psychiatric disorders, all protected under its ever-growing IP portfolio.  

Cybin's mission is to revolutionize mental healthcare.

Drug Development

Cybin has four drug development programs (CYB001, CYB003, CYB004 & CYB005)

  • CYB001 (Psilocybin) for Major Depressive Disorder through sublingual delivery (Phase 2 Studies Planned)
  • Cybin’s Phase II trials will assess the drug’s effectiveness as a treatment for Major Depressive Disorder
  • CYB003 (Deuterated Tryptamine) for Therapy Resistant Psychiatric Disorders through inhalation delivery and oral dissolvable tablets (Entering IND-Enabling Studies). IND filing anticipated end 2021.
  • CYB004 (Deuterated Tryptamine) for psychiatry / neurology through inhalation delivery ( Entering IND-Enabling Studies) IND filing anticipated 1H2022.
  • CYB005 (Phenethylamine) for psychiatry / neurology (In pre-clinical development)
Cybin has developed a pipeline of nearly 50 different proprietary psychedelic molecules based upon DMT, MDMA, Psilocybin and other analogues

o  Cybin is building a portfolio of proprietary deuterated molecules which  have improved pharmacokinetic profiles, while retaining the efficacy of the original molecule and that will result in more scalable treatments as compared to its peers.

  • To date Cybin has facilitated 20 pre-clinical studies on a portion of its molecules within its discovery pipeline.  These studies have been conducted bothin vitro and in vivo with promising results allowing for full IND enabling studies on certain molecules.
  • Cybin’s development thesis is based on the need to create commercially viable drugs to meet the needs of patients and to easily integrate into the existing medical eco-system .
  • Inked technology partnership with KERNEL thus making Cybin the first psychedelic company to leverage breakthrough neuroimaging technology that provides real time data during a patient’s psychedelic experience which will allow us to gather quantitative data as opposed to qualitative data.

Experienced Scientific Team

  • The only scientific team in the industry that has successfully developed a commercial psychedelic drug.
  • Facilitated billions in pharmaceutical sales.
  • Successfully helped develop widely used drugs such as: Allegra, Sabril, Anzemet & Vaniqa.
  • 300 combined peer reviewed publications by scientific leadership include work in addiction and psychedelics.
  • Team collectively involved in 37 exits across the biotech sector and various other verticals.
  • Overseen 60+ IND programs with FDA.
  • Team pedigree: Merck, Elan, GSK, Sanofi, Eli Lilly and UCB.

Management Team

Doug Drysdale, Chief Executive Officer

  • An experienced Corporate Director and CEO: Doug has chaired the
    board of directors of a NASDAQ-listed company and, as a CEO for
    the past 12 years, has built and turned-around 3 pharmaceutical
  • During Doug’s 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector, he
    has formed cohesive management teams, recruited board members,
    completed 15 corporate acquisitions across three continents and
    has raised $4 billion of both public and private capital.
  • Led the turnaround of Norwich Pharmaceuticals alongside
    investors and became the Founding CEO of parent company,
    Alvogen Group. During his 5.5-year tenure as CEO, Alvogen grew
    from inception to $450 million in revenues across 35 countries.
  • From November 2017 to July 2020, Doug was a Director and CEO
    of Tedor Pharma, a family-owned contract manufacturing business.
    Doug’s efforts to turnaround the business resulted in 60% revenue
    growth in 2019, leading to Tedor being recognized as one of
    America’s fastest-growing companies, making it to the 2020 Inc
    5000 list.

Dr. Alex Nivorozhkin
, Chief Science Officer

  • Lead NCE inventor of multiple successfully partnered drug discovery and
    development programs.
  • Technology developer of the proprietary formulations for CNS drugs.
  • Seasoned medicinal chemist, drug delivery expert and founder of multiple biotech

Brett Greene
, Chief Innovation Officer

  • Research Administrator for the Center for Drug Discovery (one of the top
    Cannabinoid and Serotonin research centers in the world) for over a decade.
  • Co-managed $80M + in federal funding for cannabinoid and serotonin research.
  • Recognized leader in Psychedelics (co-founder, Psymposia)
  • Co-managed the NIDA-sponsored Chemistry & Pharmacology of Drug Abuse
    (CPDA) conference for 5 years

Dr. Michael Palfreyman
, Chief R&D Officer

  • 30 years of preclinical/clinical development experience: Scriptgen, EnVivo
    Pharma, Sanofi, GSK, Amorsa Therapeutics, and others.
  • Successfully led multiple IND filings and clinical programs.
  • Significant portfolio of CNS therapeutics patents and commercial products.

Dr. Alex Belser, Chief Clinical Advisor

  • Licensed psychologist, clinical supervisor, and psychedelic researcher at Yale in
    psilocybin clinical trials.

  • Active in the psychedelic research community for 20 years.

  • Conducted clinical research with psilocybin and MDMA for a variety of indications.

  • Research featured on front page of the NYT, in the Atlantic, the New Yorker, The
    Guardian, VICE, and in Michael Pollan's book, How to Change Your Mind.