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Filament Health is the world’s leading exclusively-natural psychedelic drug discovery and extraction company. With deep experience in natural extraction technology and commercialization, a robust and innovative IP portfolio, in-house GMP manufacturing, and a Health Canada psilocybin Dealer’s License, Filament Health has built the foundation to support a rapidly-scaling drug development pipeline. The company’s first drug candidates, proprietary GMP-grade psychoactive mushroom extract formulations, are poised to enter into Phase I and Phase II FDA clinical trials in the second half of 2021. 

Filament’s mission is to get safe, natural, FDA-approved psychedelic extracts into the hands of everyone who needs them as soon as possible.

Operational Highlights:

  • Facility - Filament operates one of the first GMP facilities with a Health Canada Dealer’s License. Filament is currently propagating psychoactive mushrooms, conducting genetic research and manufacturing compounds with the unique ability to distribute IP and drug candidates to drug developers, researchers, and other licensed parties in the future. 
  • Drug Development - Filament’s drug development platform has led to the discovery and patent filings on a number of important methods of extraction and purification. Unlike synthetic drugs which can have many forms and methods of manufacture, there are only a few effective ways to extract and purify the psychedelic compounds found in plants. Filament believes this is important intellectual property that must be handled with great care.
  • Advanced Clinical Trials - The company’s first drug candidates, proprietary GMP-grade psychoactive mushroom extract formulations, are poised to enter into Phase I and Phase II FDA clinical trials in the second half of 2021. 

Why Natural?

In the nascent yet burgeoning psychedelics industry, we believe there is an unsettling trend: the vast majority of resources and attention are being devoted to synthetically-prepared versions of what were originally naturally-derived compounds. Did you know...
  1. There are over 100 known species of mushrooms with psychoactive properties
  2. Psilocybin is just one of over 10 psychoactive compounds in these species
  3. There are over 100 known psychedelic plants representing a vast number of yet-to-be studied psychedelic compounds
  4. Over 40% of western-world pharmacy products are derived from plants 
  5. The best-selling cancer drug ever created, Taxol®, is an extract from the yew tree
We believe extracting, purifying, and standardizing natural compounds, without harmful synthetic chemicals or residues, is the best way to bring this vast untapped drug discovery potential to the world.

Management Team :

Experts in  the fields of botanical extraction and commercialization

  • Scaled Mazza Innovation from pre-seed to a successful $26M sale to Sensient Technologies in 2018 and have over 25 years of botanical extraction experience
  • Developed and commercialized a patent-protected, botanical extraction technology at a commercial-scale 35,000  sq. ft. GMP facility

Ben Lightburn, Chief Executive Officer, Director, Co-Founder                   

  • Proven entrepreneur and leader specializing in the research, development and commercialization of novel extraction technologies

Lisa Ranken, Chief Operating Officer

  • Operational and leadership experitise in rapidly growing industries

Ryan Moss, Research & Development

  • Expert in the field of botanical extraction, purification, standardization

Beatriz Ramos, GMP Specialist B.Sc.

  • Quality management, regulatory compliance, and attaining third-party certification

Wealth of relevant experience in drug development, FDA trials and intellectual property

Jeff Fellows, Head of Regulatory

  • 30 years of drug development  experience leading regulatory  development efforts from pre-IND to post-approval
  • Extensive global clinical trial application  filings and health authority interactions

Taran Grey, Director of IP

  • Extensive patent and trademark  portfolio experience in healthcare,  technology and other diversified  industries
  • 100% pending application to issued  patent success rate at, Bionic  Power & Nextleaf Solutions

Accomplished Regulated Market Executives with Founding and Advisory Experience

Tom Kineshanko, President and Co-Founder

  • Proven founder, executive and allocator of capital in regulated frontier markets (Founder of first licensed Bitcoin asset manager in Canada and Swizz hedge fund)
  • +50 seed round investments in companies that have gone on to have >$50B in cumulative value

Warren Duncan, Chief Financial Officer, CPA

  • Experienced in audit, accounting, capital markets, M&A and equity financing
  • Previously cannabis-focused investment banker at Cormark Securities for ~5 years