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Aja Ventures is a Canadian investment company focused on the intersection of plant medicine, technology and wellness

They invest in early stage ventures that are developing psychedelic medicine to support wellness and mental health.

Aja leverages nature and technology to create personalized healthcare that promotes holistic healing for all and provides expertise to emerging industries such as genomics, precision medicine and wearable technology.

They raise and deploy capital to help bring psychedelic into the mainstream markets by offering unparralled expertise in supporting the emerging psychedelic industry, all while generating significant returns.

Aja Strategy

Aja is creating a data-driven ecosystem to find, cultivate and incubate projects that measurably support patients, clinics, and drug discovery companies

This includes Personalized Psychedelic Medicine, Transformative Technology, Genetic Testing and Functional Medicine; all offering data driven, individualized healing and integration.


- Assemble a team of industry experts in mental health, functional medicine, longevity, community building, wearable tech, and clinical research.

- Create/Acquire a clinical network for research, remote patient monitoring to rtrack response to treatment and outcomes to enable the identification of breakthrough compounds and interventions.

- Provide world-class training to clinicans looking to implement psychedelic interventions and provide them with a user-friendly platform that empowers them and their patients.

-Develop genomic testing and reporting that enavle clinicians to make more confident decisions in dosing psychedelics and more personalized interventions.

- Invest in early stage companies focused on psychedelic therapy and longevity IP to create a partnership that creates value within the Aja platform.

Aja Investments

Filament Ventures - Drug Discover and Extraction Technology Company

- Naturally derived psychedelic medicines

- Creating deep portfolio of natural psychedelic patent applications

- Will be publicly listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange

Cellular Goods - Consumer Plant-Based Wellness Company

- First publicly listed CBD and plant medicine company on the London Stock Exchange.

- Seed investment expected to list March 2021 on LSE with 8% ownership stake

- Strategic investment from David Beckham to increase awareness and exposure


With vast industry experience in bringing innovation to the public markets, and the top global minds in longevity, Aja’s team is well equipped to identify emerging companies and opportunities that can benefit from funding, strategic partnership, and council. Their team includes a diverse group of: Scientists, Healers, Technologists, Venture Capitalists, Psychepreneurs, Biohackers, and Researchers

Sachin Patel, CEO, Co-founder & Director

The Founder of The Living Proof Institute. Pioneering a revolutionary approach to patient-centered healthcare.

Mark Rutledge, President & Director

CEO of Carraway Capital Corporation. Lawyer, serial entrepreneur, C-level executive & strategic adviser.

Regan McGrath, CFO

Founding partner & CEO of Metrics CPA. Advisor & strategist to companies in the cannabis & psychedelics space.

Dave Asprey, Advisor

The Father of Biohacking, creator of Bulletproof Coffee, expert in elevating human performance & longevity, three-time New York Times bestselling science author.