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Algernon Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage drug re-purposing company that investigates safe, already approved drugs for new disease applications, moving them efficiently and safely into new human trials, developing new formulations and seeking new regulatory approvals in global markets. Their business model is highly capital efficient and strives to deliver maximum shareholder value.

Repurposing offers several benefits over traditional drug development including a significant reduction in investment and risk, shorter research periods and potentially longer active patent life.

- Advancing new drug treatments for billion dollar global disease markets.

- Re-purposed compounds have a much lower risk of failing in human trials as a result of safety issues.

- Conducting multiple phase II clinical trials.

- Highly capital efficient business model.

Clinical Research Programs

Algernon Pharmaceuticals is focused on the disease areas of stroke, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) & chronic cough, and COVID-19.



Preclinical studies for DMT/Stroke Program

•IP filed for new forms of DMT, dosing, formulation, method of use and combination therapy for stroke rehabilitation

•Preclinical work initiated - Charles River Labs

- DMT synthesis - Dalton Pharma Services

- Phase 1 - Hammersmith Medicines Services

• Phase 1 planned for Q3-2021

• Phase 2 planned for 2022


  • Dr. Rick Strassman MD
  • Dr. Dennis Choi MD, PhD

IPF / Chronic Cough / Covid-19


IPF & chronic cough Phase II Trial
• 20 patient open-label IPF patients with cough

• Started May 2020
Multinational Covid-19 Phase IIb/III Trial
• 150 patient open-label hospitalized confirmed COVID

• Final Data –End of March, 2021


Christopher J. Moreau, Chief Executive Officer

• President, CEO & director of a TSX:V listed R&D company in the life sciences sector for over nine years.

• Experienced with startups, licensing, mergers & acquisitions,and integration.

• Over 30 years of SNR Management experience in private/publicly traded company environments.

• Has raised over $35M from capital markets.

Dr. Christopher Bryan, PhD, VP Research and Operations

•Graduated from the University of Toronto, with a PhD in organic chemistry. 

•Has synthesized hundreds of novel small molecules as potential therapeutic agents.

•Management experience in R&D, manufacturing, sales, clinical trial, IP and regulatory affairs.

•Has extensive experience in scientific writing, data analysis and literature review. 

Dr. Rick Strassman, DMT Stroke Program Consultant

- American clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

- Held a fellowship in clinical psychopharmacology research at the University of California San Diego and was Professor of Psychiatry for over a decade at the University of New Mexico.

- Leading expert and first person in the United States to conduct clinical human research with DMT in more than two decades.

- Author of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, which summarizes his academic research on DMT and includes his own reflections and conclusions based on this research.

Professor David Nutt, DMT Stroke Consultant

- Psychiatrist and the Edmond J. Safra Professor of Neuropsychopharmacology at Imperial College London.

- Has been president of the European Brain Council, the BAP, BNA, and ECNP.

- Currently Founding Chair of the charity

- Published 35 books and over 1000 papers, including in Nature, Cell Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine.