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Mycrodose Therapeutics

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Mycrodose Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company specialized in the development of advanced drug delivery systems utilizing psychedelic APIs to treat mental health and cognitive degenerative diseases. Their primary dosing technology utilizes a proprietary sustained microdosing delivery method.

Their advanced drug delivery technologies are split into four distinct models: Transdermal, Oral, Implants, and Capsules.

Transdermal technology delivers a sustained and controlled dose of medicine directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver, to reduce the potential of harmful toxicity, psychosis, and the common issues associated with standard macro dosing products.

Sustained-release lozenge technology is utilized to deliver a sustained and controlled dose of medicine via the oral cavity into the body. The delivery duration can be custom-tailored to last from 30 minutes up to more than 2 hours.

Sustained-release capsules deliver a controlled dose of medicine by encapsulating the psychedelic API so that medicine is slowly released over many hours into the body, reducing the common issues associated with standard macro dosing.

Biodegradable implants will be used to deliver medicine for longterm addiction and Alzheimer's treatments.

Mycrodose Therapeutics

  • Pharma/Biotech company.
  • Developer of advanced drug delivery products.
  • Main focus psychedelic APIs and Mental Health.

Mycrodose Technology

  • IP-protected Sustained Microdose Technology™ drives company’s core product line.

  • Mycrodose building a robust patent portfolio protecting its pipeline of products under development.

Mycrodose Laboratory

  • Located in Southern California.

  • Initially, focus is on 2 technologies and 2 APIs that will result in treating 7+ health indications.

  • Lab work and clinical supply production follow GLP and GMP regulations.

Mycrodose Wellness

  • National Nutraceutical Wellness (NNW) brand.

  • Company’s signature Sustained Microdose Technology™ will power the NNW functional mushroom and adaptogenic herbs product line.

Patents & IP

Mycrodose has filed a patent application for their proprietary Transdermal formulation and delivery method.

They are also preparing additional patent applications related to their core delivery methods.

Market Opportunity


The company’s C-Suite has over 80 years of combined experience developing patented drug delivery technologies, a successful track-record of working with the FDA and navigating the clinic trial process, and a proven history of core business fundamentals and successful M&A ventures.

Chad Conner, Chief Executive Officer

  • 20 year entrepreneurial veteran in cannabis wellness, holistic medicine, pharmaceutical, and integrative health treatment clinics.
  • Founded and Sold Pure Ratios to 4Front Ventures (FFNTF).
  • Successful exit through Canadian Capital Markets.

Patrick Eckstrom, President & COO

  • 15 years of Executive-level experience building & developing successful companies through proven operational efficiencies and data-driven decisions.
  • Expert customer acquisition and customer retention professional targeting B2B and B2C channels effectively generating $1MM+ in MRR.

Frank Kochinke, PhD, Chief Science Officer

  • 30 years of Pharmaceutical Industry experience in Advanced Drug Delivery Systems.
  • Specializing in Transdermal, Buccal, and Biodegradable Implant technologies.
  • Published over 50 papers and holds 16 patents.
  • Successful exits one of which sold with his former company, Oculex, for $400MM to Allergan.

Jordan Lipton, Director

  • 15 years of experience in financing and capital raising solutions with many of the leading investment banks and VCs across the globe.
  • Worked exclusively the past 5 years financing M&A deals in Cannabis and Psychedelic Medicine.