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Creso Pharma (ASX:CPH | OTC:COPHF) has announced plans to acquire psychedelic company Halucenex Life Sciences.

Halucenex is focused on researching, developing and licensing novel psychedelic molecules for the global pharmaceutical markets and is currently progressing clinical trials to research the efficacy of psilocybin used in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy to treat and alleviate Treatment Resistant Depression and other mental illnesses.

Acquisition marks the first 100%-owned psychedelic medicines company on the Australian Stock Exchange.


  • Controlled Substances Laboratory with access to a 6,000 sq. ft. medical facility fit for conducting clinical trials, R&D of psychedelics and cultivation of psilocybin.
  • Halucenex's Nova Scotia facility is adjacent to The Hants Community Hospital and has 18 treatment rooms dedicated to performing psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and clinical research on micro and macro dosing.
  • Synthetic psilocybin supply secured from Psygen, the only pharmaceutical-grade psilocybin producer in Canada, guaranteeing supply and availability for defined clinical trial programs, a crucial component of Health Canada approval.
  • Halucenex has strategic affiliations with Veterans Affairs Canada and Veteran Support Groups via Advisor David Fraser.
  • Creso Pharma has an established global distribution network with pharmaceutical connections in Europe, Australia, North America, and Latin America.
  • Experienced executive team with a proven track record of successfully bringing early-stage medicinal products to market in multiple international markets.
  • Established systems of innovative delivery methods that can be applied across multiple novel formulations.

Creso Pharma Team

Dr. Miri Halperin Wernli, Co-Founder & Director

  • President of Mindmed Inc.
  • Senior pharmaceutical executive with over 25 years of strategic and operational leadership experience.

Boaz Wachtel, Co-Founder & Director

  • Co-Founder of Phytotech Medical, Australia's first publicly traded medical cannabis company.
  • Certified clinical research manager.

Bruce Linton, Strategic Advisor

  • Founder and Former Chairman of Canopy Growth Corporation.
  • Director of MindMed Inc.

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