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Wellbeing Digital Sciences

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Wellbeing Digital Sciences is a next generation wellness company focused on ketamine assisted therapy and psychedelic medicines.

Wellbeing Digital Sciences exists to make new breakthrough treatments more easily accessible and offer patients transformational experiences. They currently have operating healthcare clinics across North America, helping patients access plant medicines, psychedelics and mental healthcare.

Clinical Care

Wellbeing Digital Sciences works to actively identify and acquire medical clinics, clinic networks, and therapy facilities with strong potential.

They intend to convert their existing clinical network with a broader scope of treatments, ketamine assisted psychotherapy and the administration of Spravato nasal spray.

Wearables & Technology

Wellbeing Digital Sciences will be utilizing a first of its kind wearable to track key vitals before, during, and after psychedelic assisted therapies. Building objective data around the patient experience by measuring physical signals and responses will allow them to refine and adjust our processes, while providing great opportunities to advance psychedelic therapy research.

Contract Research

Wellbeing Digital Sciences has certifications secured to administer Health Canada approved Spravato™ in clinical settings.

They are committed to being at the forefront of new psychedelic treatments and therapies as they become medically accessible. Most notably, MDMA and psilocybin assisted therapies. Wellbeing Digital Sciences intends to utilize our clinical network of 90+ doctors and educators to help guide our path and research efforts.