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HAVN Life is a part of a global community taking an active part in supporting research for microdosing therapies in treating mental health disorders utilizing psychedelics. Working with Veterans and thought leaders in the military, HAVN Life is developing innovative formulations to support clinical trials addressing PTSD recovery and other trauma related disorders.

Through end to end research, extraction, formulation and delivery, they aspire to define and standardize the future of modern medicine. With an extensive team of industry leaders with 20+ years of experience in this space, HAVN Life is formulating the next generation of medicine using psychedelic compounds.


HAVN Life's mission is to unlock human performance using evidence-informed research. They are focused on standardized, quality-controlled extraction of psychoactive compounds from plants and fungi, and the development of natural health care products from novel compounds.

Havn Labs

The HAVN Life facility operates from a state-of-the-art research facility located in the South Campus at The University of British Columbia. HAVN Life has applied for a Health Canada research license which will be secured for 2020. This will allow for the research and development of psychedelic compound formulations to begin prior to securing Licensed Dealer status. The licensed dealer status will be secured by 2021 and will permit the supply and sale of regulated compounds.

Havn Retail

HAVN Life is the only compound formulation company to utilize its expertise across both biopharma and wellness formulations to build evidence-informed human health and wellness. Our standardized, quality-controlled microdosing formulations are based on extensive natural products research and formulating experience.

With increasing demand for better quality ingredients, HAVN Life will be developing natural health products that will deliver increased bioavailability through emulsion techniques and blends of natural products that work synergistically to produce better quality outcomes. Our custom formulations will be derived from fungi and novel psychoactive compounds to support performance and cognitive regulation.