Published on
July 29, 2022

Psychedelic Weekly Headlines | July 29th

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Performance of psychedelic public companies this past week.

Company News

COMPASS Pathways ($CMPS) launched a Phase II clinical trial investigating the efficacy of COMP360 psilocybin as a potential treatment for anorexia nervosa. Currently, there is no approved pharmacological treatment option for anorexia nervosa. Press Release

B.More (Private) submitted an IND application to begin a Phase IIb trial to determine the efficacy and safety of synthetic psilocybin as a potential treatment for alcohol use disorder. The trial will be led by principal investigator Michael Bogenschutz, Director of the NYU Langone Center for Psychedelic Medicine and will be the second largest psychedelics clinical trial ever conducted. Press Release

Psyched Wellness ($PSYC | $PSYCF) provided preliminary data on their Amanita Muscaria extract, AME-1, from tests completed by the National Research Council of Canada. The researchers found that AME-1 boosts the antiviral immune response in the brain, protecting brain tissue from viral infection. Press Release

Filament Health ($FH | $FLHLF) announced their participation in Project Solace as a Health Canada-licensed producer of psilocybin. Project Solace is the world's largest medical psilocybin access and data project led by TheraPsil in collaboration with Drug Science. Press Release

Small Pharma ($DMT | $DMTTF) has been granted a patent for injectable formulations of DMT based compounds. The patent will also protect novel injectable formulations of other known psychedelic compounds, including 5-methoxy-DMT and psilocybin. Press Release

MindBio Therapeutics ($BLR | $BLRZF) announced that research collaborators at the University of Auckland have received NZ$1.44M in funding from the Health Research Council of New Zealand to conduct a trial of LSD microdosing in patients with Major Depressive Disorder. Press Release

Irwin Naturals ($IWIN | $IWINF) completed their acquisition of New England Ketamine. This is the third acquisition that Irwin Naturals Emergence has completed in the past five months as it builds a national chain of mental-health clinics providing psychedelic treatment using ketamine. Press Release

Havn Life ($HAVN | $HAVLF) announced 30:1 consolidation of its common shares. The common shares will begin trading on a consolidated basis on August 3, ‎‎2022.‎ Press Release


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