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Doseology Sciences

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Doseology's Goal is to Become the Trusted Leader of Evidence-Based Natural Medicine Consumer Products & Services to Help Alleviate the Mental Health Crisis Affecting Humanity.

Doseology is a Canadian startup dedicated to providing access to evidence based Fungus-derived medicine & products clinically shown to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Doseology has a mandate to raise awareness, influence public policy and drive social change. These efforts are only possible because of our clinical, research, educational excellence and evidence-based approach to advocacy.

Doseology has developed:
• Proprietary DoseologyTM At-Home Magic Mushroom Grow kit
• Health Canada Licensed Medicinal Trip-Support Nutraceuticals
• An online shop and ecosystem that will change the way people access medicine and simplify self-treatment.
• Low cost, eco-friendly and low consumption 4500 sq. ft. facility on 23 acres of certified organic land in the Okanagan valley with a license to grow hemp.