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Ceruvia Lifesciences researches, develops, and manufactures neurotransformational medicines to deliver meaningful relief to patients suffering from challenging, hard-to-treat headaches and psychiatric disorders.

Collaborators and Partnerships

Yale University:
Since 2015, Yale University has been the site of Ceruvia Lifesciences’ research to treat Cluster Headache, Migraines, and OCD and and is key to our life science efforts.
Usona Institute
Usona has manufactured pharmaceutical-grade psilocybin and is currently conducting the necessary comprehensive pre-clinical toxicology work for prescription medication, enabling Ceruvia Lifesciences’ FDA clinical trials.
The Heffter Research Institute
Ceruvia Lifesciences seeks to take academic research Heffter has been instrumental in developing at elite universities and pivot it into prescription medication development trials required by FDA.
New York University (NYU)
New York University (NYU), one of the nation’s premier academic medical centers, has newly created the NYU Langone Center for Psychedelic Medicine, which conducts trials for Ceruvia Lifesciences focusing on substance abuse disorder research.
Clusterbusters is a patient advocacy group that supports research for better headache disorders treatments while advocating to improve the lives of those struggling with cluster headaches. For the past ten years, their advocacy has been an essential tool for Ceruvia Lifesciences programs.