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PsyBio Therapeutics

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PsyBio Therapeutics (“PsyBio”) is a biotechnology company developing a portfolio of psychoactive compounds targeted for the treatment of mental health challenges and other disorders.

The Company has a collaboration with Miami University, Oxford Ohio where they have filed intellectual property for biosynthesized psilocybin, it’s intermediates, and other molecules.

Platform Technology

Platform Technology Utilizing Metabolic Engineering and Optimization Techniques:                            

Discovered an efficient, patent-pending bacterial biosynthesis process for tryptamine production                                

Developing a portfolio of tryptamine derived, inspired by psychedelically compounds          

Demonstrated the entourage effect of certain tryptamines in a laboratory-controlled environment

With a proprietary platform technology, the Company is in the process of developing new drugs by producing novel psychoactive molecules from genetically modified bacteria. The platform is expected to enable the rapid generation of highly stable compounds far cheaper, faster and greener than any other published method.

​Currently working in the laboratory on over twenty psychedelically inspired compounds from different fungi and plants with unique psychoactive properties.

Clinical Studies

PsyBio is in the process of preparing the initial molecules for clinical batch manufacturing and concurrently preparing an investigational new drug (“IND”) application to study the compounds in patients with cancer related depression.

Drug Development Team

Evan Levine Co-Founder, CEO and Director

- Managing Partner at Brown Simpson Asset Management
- CEO of Adventrx Pharmaceuticals

Dr. J. Andrew Jones, Inventor and Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board

- PhD Chemical and Biological Engineering —RPI
- Assistant Professor —Miami University

Dr. Matthew McMurray, Neuropsychopharmacology

- Assistant Professor –Miami University
- PhD Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience

Dr. Joan Robbins, Translational Research
- President Calypharma Consulting
- Chief Scientific Officer —Adventrx Pharmaceuticals