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MINDCURE believes the market for mushroom products, both functional and psychedelics, represent a massive opportunity.

MINDCURE’s strategic vision is to specialize in the development, manufacture, and distribution of a branded line of organic, 100% pure, functional mushroom extracts. They intend to provide pharmaceutical free alternatives that provide cognitive benefits by easing suffering and facilitating clearer thinking. MINDCURE's Moonbeam products are in final stages of production and are expected to be for sale in the US by November and in Canada within the next few months.

The MINDCURE development team is working to create additional products to add to the company’s base catalogue of functional mushroom extracts. These products will have proprietary formulas infused with various mushrooms such as Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, Siberian Chagas and Cordyceps.

MINDCURE also believes that the market for psychedelic mushrooms will experience rapid growth in the coming years. We are looking for opportunities to fund clinical research aimed at developing and commercializing psychedelic based health and wellness products. The momentum for psychedelic-based treatments is being driven by early clinical success addressing mental health issues, continued funding of experimental research in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, and encouraging steps in Colorado and California towards legalization.


Monitoring Psychoactive Therapy

MINDCURE anticipates in the future it may pursue or acquire technology and products, that are complimentary or related to its mission to identify, develop and commercialize products that enhance mental health and wellness, ease suffering and increase productivity.

MINDCURE is investigating technology applications that could focuses on the connection between clinical patient‐trials that monitor, collect or use patient information in order to monitor the co‐relation between diagnosis and treatment.

Currently, most patients being treated for mental health concerns do not receive any meaningful data prior or post therapy sessions. MINDCURE is investigating technology that could enable the collection of data between sessions which would give clinicians patient feedback that may provide the data driven research and the insights needed to prove the efficacy of treatments therapy.

Nootropic Formulations

Manufacturing and Supply of Adaptogens

MINDCURE seeks to identify and commercialize the therapeutic potential of nootropics, psychoactive products, and psychedelic substances that promote productivity and enhancing mental health.

The first line of products that MINDCURE intends to launch are three types of organic, mushroom nootropics. These products will be launched under our Moonbeam Brand. The three products will be distributed under the following product names: Moonbeam Mushrooms: Focus; Moonbeam Mushrooms: Energy; and Moonbeam Mushrooms: Immunity. Each of these three products will be available in both powdered and capsule form

Clinical Research

Delivery of Psychoactive Therapies

Evaluating potential research programs, protocols and supportive infrastructure to drive clinical research.

MINDCURE intends to evaluate the potential of developing proprietary research programs, protocols, and support infrastructure for conducting clinical research that would benefit mental health and wellness. MINDCURE is interested the potential of mental health clinical trial protocols that may include psychoactive and psychedelic based substances and investigate the ability to conduct clinical trials under the supervision and guidance of Health Canada.

Product Discovery

Investigating custom synthesis of product candidates and new psychoactive substances (NPS) or ‘research chemicals’

MINDCURE is evaluating the legal and commercial viability of the use of psychoactive and psychedelic compounds such as psilocybin as part of its future product candidates. This business sphere will look to investigate the potential of new discoveries and explore the therapeutic pathology and regenerative benefits of novel and traditional psychoactive chemical compounds that could be evaluated further in clinical studies. This investigation may include new and improved psychedelic inspired product candidates ranging from proprietary new-psychedelic compounds to non‐psychedelic analogs with medicinal properties.

Formulations & Supply

eGMP, API Manufacturing and Supply

This sphere calls for MINDCURE to evaluate a path to the manufacture, import and supply of traditional and novel candidate active pharmaceutical agents for North American supply.

The entire process would be compliant with all regulatory certifications and licensing within all regulatory certifications and licensing within the Canadian federal regulatory agencies including Health Canada and the US Federal regulatory agencies including the FDA.

The importation of traditional and novel psychoactive substances into North America could be used to service clinical research programs, and satisfy an underserviced access to psychoactive active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for research.