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Woven Science is an alliance of best-in-class companies in the mental wellness movement, focusing on psychedelic therapeutics. Their pillars of Community, Clinics, Compounds and Health Tech address all verticals of the Treatment Arc, shifting the focus from treating mental illness towards sustaining mental wellness. 



Woven Science holds a diversified portfolio of minority investments in 9 drug development  companies in 4 countries across 5 compounds (Psilocybin, 5-MeO-DMT, DMT,  Ketamine, MDMA), an allosteric modulation company and recently made an  investment into a tryptamine manufacturing company allowing for vertical integration.  Collectively these companies are addressing seven specific mental health and CNS  indications. Woven Science is also in the process of merging with a leading drug development  team with a pipeline of four patents.


Heads of terms are signed with Woven Science as the Solstice Group’s lead investor and partner to a leading team of MAPS-trained therapists in Portland, Oregon to open urban and wilderness sanctuaries for psychedelic-assisted therapies. Their goal with the Solstice team over the next twelve months is to develop a comprehensive Psychedelic Assisted Therapy (PAT) program through the cultivation of a flagship clinic in Portland, focused on clinics, protocols, and treatment.


Woven Science successfully completed the merger of The Medicinal Mushroom Co, Torii Labs, The Alchemist Kitchen, and Evolver Holdings to form The Fifth Kingdom LLC, a direct-to-consumer platform dedicated to plant-based medicine, consciousness awareness, and self-care that provides people with the resources they need to achieve their health and wellness goals. A new brand under The Fifth Kingdom will provide a unified online experience called Humanature. Launching later this year, Humanature will bring together programs, products and experiences to support holistic wellness and personal transformation through a personalized wellness journey.

Health Tech

Health tech can be used across the treatment arc to make quality care more accessible, affordable, and seamlessly integrated. Woven Science's current portfolio consists of a measurement-based care platform designed to support psychedelic practitioners, a platform that connects people with trusted scientists exploring the benefits and uses of alternative medicines, a company developing a hardware solution that accelerates  mental wellbeing through an audiovisual experience, and the only insurance platform that offers safe, affordable access to psychedelic healthcare.

Woven Science is also launching the first psychedelic and mental health incubator in partnership with Founders Factory, a prestigious accelerator and venture studio with a presence in North America and Europe

El Puente 

El Puente is Woven Science’s non-profit arm. El Puente fosters connections between indigenous peoples and psychedelic companies through intercultural dialogue and equitable relationships. El Puente holds 10% of Woven Science's equity. A council of Indigenous Elders serve as board advisors and El Puente distributes capital and equity where appropriate to projects and businesses directed and owned by Indigenous people.


Nick von Christierson, Co-Founder & CEO

Built and sold Baby Bundle, the market leading parenting mobile application.

Was Head of Africa for Diginex, a global blockchain solutions company

Director of the Watch Hill Charitable Foundation, a registered UK Charity focused on educational, health, environmental and cultural causes

BA from Georgetown University, MSc from Cass Business School and is a graduate of Oxford University Said Business School’s Blockchain Strategy Programme.

Giles Hayward, Co-Founder & CIO

Co-Founder Torii Labs, The Medicinal Mushroom Co, The Fifth Kingdom and Woven Science

Co-Founder of The Tyringham Initiative, a center for consciousness research and transformation

Spent 8 years in corporate finance and impact investing

Leadership board of the Vista Del Mar children's charity

Riwa Harfoush, CSO

Most recently was Chief of Strategy at OSI, a £600m technology company

Built the OSI brand, developed an exceptional network of global co-investors and strategic partners, and led fundraising and development initiatives

Was Head of Growth Strategy at global Innovation and Foresight firm Idea Couture

Managing Director of MENA

William Usdin, COO

Helped lead Google’s first regulatory framework for Artificial Intelligence with the European Commission

Spent the last seven years working across Product Development and Corporate Strategy at Google

Degrees in Politics, Philosophy and Economics and Business Administration from Oxford and London School of Economics.

Jesse Hudson, CLO and El Puente Chief Designer

JD and MS in International Development from Tulane Law School, Master's in International and European Law from University of Amsterdam, and a BA magna cum laude in Anthropology from the University of Colorado.

Worked in the psychedelic space for 15 years serving as lawyer, Consultant, and advisor for organizations including ICEERS' Ayahuasca Defense Fund, Chacruna Institute, Sage Institute, Enthea Health, Journey Colab, Vine Ventures, and the SSDP Psychedelic Pipeline.

Co-author of Bubbling with Controversy: Legal Challenges for Ceremonial Ayahuasca Circles in the U.S.

Director of Fundación Kené Rao, an indigenous entrepreneurship incubator and IP defense fund in Peru,

Co-founder of Corporación Agraria IP2 RAO S.A.C., a Shipibo-owned co-op growing ayahuasca and other medicinal plants