Beckley Psytech

Beckley Psytech

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Founded in 2019, Beckley Psytech is a for-profit company dedicated to helping patients suffering from neurological and psychiatric disorders by developing a pipeline of psychedelic compounds into licensed pharmaceutical medicines. Our vision, supplemented by our partnership with the Beckley Foundation, is for clinically validated psychedelic medicines to be integrated into modern medical practice in order to help patients in need around the world suffering with these profoundly debilitating conditions.


Lady Amanda Feilding – Director, Chair Scientific Advisory
Cosmo Fielding Mellen – Director, CEO
Marc Wayne – Chairman of Board
Dr Steve Wooding, MD – Director, Chief Scientific Officer
Dr Fiona Dunbar, MD – Chief Medical Officer
Tim Mason – Chief Development Officer
Michael Norris, FCMA – Chief Financial Officer
Becky Hutchinson, MBA – Commercial Director
Kalpaa Sawant – Director of Clinical Operations