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Levitee Labs is a multidisciplinary integrative wellness company that’s redefining mental healthcare through a preventative, restorative, and transformative approach that includes evidence-based alternative medicines and novel psychedelic therapies.

Through a vertically integrated and disciplined M&A model, our core objective is a progressive push towards the introduction of novel treatment modalities, with a key focus on the integration of evidence-based psychedelic medicines and therapies. This model addresses the burden of inefficiencies prevalent within current clinical treatments, particularly those available to underserved patient populations.

ACT Medical Centres Acquisition

5 Addiction Clinics
3 Specialized Pharmacies
1 Proprietary Technology Platform
Positions Levitee Labs as the largest non-government provider of addiction services in Alberta

Allows for the future delivery of psychedelic medicine to addiction and chronic pain patients in Albertan market

Provides Levitee with a platform for future research opportunities

Includes option of delivery of digital clinics services to patients
Expansion of offerings by integrating:
- Endocrinology
- Cardiology
- Dermatology

Leveraging digital services and drug delivery capabilities to expand clinic services aggressively into new markets via proprietary addiction platform

70% of current patient visits are conducted through ACT’s proprietary addiction platform

This is Levitee Clinic's first acquisition and will serve as a base for future clinic acquisitions
Integration of psychedelic therapies into the current portfolio of offerings to addiction patients

- Research into psychedelic medicine and trials of novel psychedelic compounds

- Bulk drug purchasing contract reduces drug costs while increasing margins

Earth Circle Organics

Earth Circle Organics is an omnichannel nutraceutical e-commerce platform, encompassing 3 brands (Earth Circle Organics, Earth Shift and Ojio)

300% growth in the past two years; purchasing for 3.6x cashflow and earnout

$2.4 million in revenue with $750,000 in cashflow; achieved with 0 digital marketing, highlighting tremendous upside potential when integrated into Levitee’s platform
Increasing this expense along with reducing  merchant fees will result in over $2M in cash  flow by 2025 

- Already increased revenues by 30% since acquisition through synergies 

- Solidifying the supply chain will realize cost synergies  

- Using multiple ingredients to quickly produce in-demand products will allow for a quicker  path to market launch for products 
 Brands that have a brick & mortar presence but have  little to no direct marketing expenditure and a  scarce e-commerce footprint 

Brands at the beginning of a growth curve, with  proprietary products, high barriers to entry, high  search volume, but low sales and few competitors 

Decentralizing operations will result in greater  human capital efficiencies  

Supplemented with our robust capital allocation  strategy, we will acquire brands with loyal customer  bases at a discount, integrate them into our greater ecommerce family and then accelerate their growth

Sporeo Supply

The Sporeo Supply facility produces the first commercial grade and tested offering of sterilized spawn and sterilized substrate

Current market for mushroom feedstock for psychedelic and functional mushrooms is fragmented with little access to standardized and commercially viable growth mediums

Current mediums are untested and prone to contamination

Sporeo removes the barrier of entry for mushroom cultivators by centralizing sterilization processes and offering a tested and packaged product for various operational scales

Currently has the capacity to sterilize over half a million pounds of growth medium per month

Immediate access to retail markets through a mass distribution agreement with My Green Planet which ramps up to a minimum order size of 75,000 bags of sterilized spawn and sterilized substrate per month after a six-month grace period

Projected revenue (based on current orders) of $1.2M per month

Business Model