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Gilgamesh is a pioneering early-stage biotech company developing a diverse portfolio of novel compounds (with composition of matter IP) with rapid onset and sustained activity to address high unmet needs in depression, substance use disorder, PTSD, anxiety, and ADHD. Their portfolio consists of eight programs targeting mechanisms with demonstrated rapid acting efficacy in humans (NMDA-R, 5HT2A, KOR). All product candidates have >$1bn in peak sales potential. They have raised $34.5M to date (Series A) and are now launching a Series B.


Gilgamesh is positioned to be a differentiated leader in the psychedelic assisted global mental health care revolution. Phase 1 studies for the two lead programs to begin later this year (GM-1020: Oral NMDAR Antagonist, GM-2505: 5-HT2A Agonist/5-HT Releaser). Lead molecules have been optimized for efficacy, durability, safety allowing for broad usage. Composition of matter IP filed on all core program lead molecules. Additional sleep combination program positioned to enter Phase 1 development (2H2022) and three additional exploratory programs progressing to Lead Optimization.  


The discovery platform provides a state-of-the-art neurocircuitry-focused translational approach to novel drug candidate optimization and selection. The platform aims to identify and classify novel psychoactive drugs by utilizing complex behavioral assessment, advanced electrophysiology and molecular measures of neuroplasticity.  This cutting-edge approach incorporates machine learning algorithms to systematically characterize the multidimensional bioactivity of known and novel psychoactive molecules to improve clinical translation.


Uniquely accomplished core team with decades of proven pharmaceutical R&D expertise, company-building experience, medicinal chemistry expertise, neuropsychiatric expertise, and a track record successful exits and new drug approvals.  World class Scientific Advisory board consisting of over 15 world renowned psychiatry and CNS experts.

Core Lead Programs


Signed term sheet with limited space in the round is remaining.  Proceeds will be used to:
Advance four core programs plus the sleep combination through Phase 1/Phase 2 studies

Progress exploratory programs to clinical stage development

Build out the preclinical discovery, clinical biomarker and digital platforms

Hire additional FTEs to support Clinical Development and R&D activities

Support BD activities