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Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals is  developing fast-acting and highly efficacious new medicines based on or related to psychedelic drugs for patients with neuropsychiatric conditions such as depression, anxiety, addictions, and cognitive deficits.

Gilgamesh focuses on cutting edge neuroscience and strong innovation and intellectual property. Gilgamesh will speed compounds to the clinic with reduced risk of technical or regulatory failure by focusing on drug targets or drug pharmacology where there is already evidence of  therapeutic efficacy. Gilgamesh or its Columbia University Partner have filed intellectual property for all of its key programs. Gilgamesh is a Y-Combinator company leveraging the tremendous business expertise and network of Y-Combinator. Gilgamesh has a team of entrepreneurs and experienced drug developers who have exited startups and have worked on blockbuster pharmaceutical products in big pharma to insure operational excellence and execution.

Gilgamesh is a discovery stage medicinal chemistry and early development focused platform company with three asset programs including:

1) A 5-HT2A agonist program focused on development of a subperceptual “microdose” nonpsychedelic therapeutic for cognition (ADHD) and mood/anxiety disorders. Gilgamesh will develop a drug  with a ceiling effect such that even in high dose it will have  a limited, nonpsychedelic effect, to enhance safety and improve probability of regulatory success for broad at home use. This program may compete with drugs such as amphetamines for ADHD or SSRI’s for mood and anxiety disorders, with an improved therapeutic index.

2) A glutamatergic or NMDA antagonist program focused on discovery of a novel orally active safe lead molecule (novel arylcyclohexylamines)  for mood and anxiety as well as substance use disorders.  Esketamine (J&J) is an example of a rapid acting approved drug for treatment resistant depression in this area and Gilgamesh is identifying and optimizing a safer orally active molecule.

3) And an Ibogaine analog program with the largest collection of ibogaine analogs on earth for treatment of substance use disorders or other maladaptive habits or behaviors. Analogs in testing have the potential to be more effective than ibogaine for rapid treatment of addictions. The Columbia laboratory affiliated with Gilgamesh has received funding from NIDA for this program.

The Gilgamesh business model involves improved probability of technical and regulatory success by focus on novel differentiated  molecules with established drug targets or pharmacology. The expected drug profiles are all in very large multibillion dollar markets that will be of interest to pharma and insurance customers given the high unmet need in psychiatry. Gilgamesh has raised a pre-seed round of ~$2.6M for lead optimization of molecules.