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Clearmind is a psychedelic pharmaceutical biotech company focused on the discovery and development of novel psychedelic-derived therapeutics to solve widespread and underserved health problems, including alcohol use disorder. Its primary objective is to research and develop psychedelic-based compounds and attempt to commercialize them as regulated medicines, foods or supplements.

The Company’s intellectual portfolio currently consists of two patent families. The first, "Binge Behavior Regulators", has been granted in the U.S.,Europe, China and India, with pending divisional applications in Europe and theU.S. The second, “Alcohol Beverage Substitute”, has been approved for aEuropean patent, with pending applications in the U.S., China and India. TheCompany intends to seek additional patents for its compounds whenever warranted and will remain opportunistic regarding the acquisition of additional intellectual property to build its portfolio.


MEAI is non-hallucinogenic treatment based on a patented novel molecule, created by Clearmind’s Chief Scientific Officer. It shows a high safety profile in pre-clinical studies and a promising efficacy, with potential to change the lives of millions who struggle to drink in moderation.
Clearmind’s flagship treatment (MEAI) focuses on Alcohol Use Disorder, which is incredibly common. It varies from mild to excessive, and describes a person’s inability to restrict their alcohol consumption, despite negative social, occupational, or health consequences. Clearmind’s MEAI can also be used for binge drinking—which can be a deadly addiction for some.


Adi Zuloff-Shani, PhD, Chief Executive Officer

Biomedical Research and Development Executive

Over 2 decades of strategic and operational leadership in the healthcare industry

Prof. Michael Davidson, MD, Advisory Board

Chairman of the department of psychiatry at the Nicosia University medical school

President of the Alzheimer Center in Israel

Over 350 articles published in peer reviewed prestigious journals in the area of Psychiatry and of Alzheimer’s disease