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Numinus believes the societal costs of mental illness, addictions, trauma and unmet human potential are far too high.

New approaches, new treatments and new ways of thinking are required — solutions where the world of health care and technology collide — to help individuals and communities heal, discover meaning and make deeper connections.

Numinus is advancing psychedelic laboratory testing, therapy and research and hopes to create a lifelong relationship with their clients on their journey to healing and wellness.

Numinus Wellness plans to offer physical locations where psychedelic-assisted therapies can take place once approved by regulators. The company’s near-term goal is to identify a suitable location and build a purpose-built, flagship wellness centre to conduct psychedelics-assisted therapies in a safe, controlled therapeutic environment when approved by regulators and governing bodies — a process they are helping to support. Numinus Wellness provides a full suite of therapeutic services through a wellness centre in Vancouver; however, psychedelic-assisted therapies are not currently provided.

Numinus R&D
is creating partnerships with leading research groups to advance practice and understanding in the space.

Numinus Bioscience
is licensed by Health Canada to test, sell, distribute, and eventually conduct research on psychedelic substances. Sustainable cannabis revenue driven by their testing operations provides them a foundation for growth – differentiating them from others in the psychedelics space.


Numinus Biosciences
  • Health Canada-licensed lab, operating since 2012 with history of botanical extraction.
  • Canada's first license by a public company to cultivate and extract from psilocybin-producing mushrooms with succesful first harvest and extraction already completed.
  • Narcotics Dealers license to work with full range of psychedelics: MDMA, Psilocybin, Psilocin, DMT, and Mescaline.
  • Providing contact lab services for revenue generation.
Numinus R&D
  • Medical team with specialized training to integrate psychedelics into clinical care.
  • Medical leadership with record of collaborating with Health Canada and other regulators to drive policy change.
  • Medical research leadership with >500 peer-reviewed publications.

  • First company to partner with psychedelic pioneer, MAPS, on Canada's first compassionate access trial of MDMA for PTSD
  • Canada's first compassionate trial of psilocybin for substance use disorders.
Numinus Health
  • Recently Announced aqcuisition of 2 Montreal clinics already offering Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy
  • Operating clinic in Vancouver offering non-psychedelic treatments; site for Numinus trials.
  • Clinic platform a springboard for further growth.

Market Capitalization

Well funded to advance research trials, therapeutics, development and clinic expansion.
As of February 2012


Payton Nyquvest, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

  • Former capital markets executive who has raised $1 DOM+ for public and private companies across North America. Formerly led one of Canada's largest brokerages.

Stacey Wallin, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder

  • Former founder of biotech wearables startup which scaled to serve Fortune 100 clients. Tech experience spans Canada and United States, and includes growth, scale and policy change. Founder of the Canadian Accelerator/ Incubator Network.

Dr. Evan Wood, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer

  • Medical research and policy leader specialized in substance use who works closely with Health Canada and leading institutions to inform guidelines and regulations. Established Canada's first supervised injecting site and national clinical guidelines for substance use disorders. Former Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, professor, founding Executive Director of BC Centre on Substance Use. Published 500+ scientific articles.

Michael Tan, MBA, Chief Operations Officer

  • Career leader in business transformation at the executive level for multinational companies, including Indigo and Hudson's Bay. Launched BC's provincial cannabis operations as first Executive Director of the BCLDB Cannabis Division.

John Fong, CPA, CGA, Chief Financial Officer

  • 15+ years establishing global financial operations for private and public companies across mining, resources and technology. Previously led a precious metals company from exploration to commercial production in 3 years, with net income of
    $1 DOM and operating cash flow of $98M.

Dennis McKenna, PhD, General Advisor

  • Legendary ethnopharmacologist, psychedelic medicine pioneer, lecturer and author. Co-founder and director of ethnopharmacology at the non-profit Heffler Research Institute.

Dr. Gabor Mate, MD, CM, Clinical Advisor

  • Retired physician and globally renowned thought leader sought after for expertise on trauma, addiction, stress and childhood development. International speaker, bestselling author and Order of Canada holder.

Sharan Sidhu, Science Officer & GM

  • Extensive experience developing strategy for research roadmaps, IP and product development. Experienced in regulatory affairs across Cannabis, Natural Health Products, Foods in North America and globally.

Dr. Devon Christie, MD, Medical Director

  • Family physician and Registered Therapeutic Counsellor trained by MAPS to deliver and instruct on MD MA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD. Certified across multiple therapy modalities including ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.