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At Numinus, we believe the societal costs of mental illness, addictions, trauma and unmet human potential are much too high.

New approaches, new treatments and new ways of thinking are required — solutions where the world of health care and technology collide — to help individuals and communities heal, discover meaning and make deeper connections.

We are in this for the long run and the right reasons. We are advancing psychedelic laboratory testing, therapy and research and hope to create a lifelong relationship between Numinus and our clients in their journey to heal and be well.

Numinus Wellness plans to offer physical locations where psychedelic-assisted therapies can take place once approved by regulators. The company’s near-term goal is to identify a suitable location and build a purpose-built, flagship wellness centre to conduct psychedelics-assisted therapies in a safe, controlled therapeutic environment when approved by regulators and governing bodies — a process we are helping to support. Numinus Wellness provides a full suite of therapeutic services through a wellness centre in Vancouver; however, psychedelic-assisted therapies are not currently provided.

Numinus R&D
is creating partnerships with leading research groups to advance practice and understanding in the space.

Numinus Bioscience
is licensed by Health Canada to test, sell, distribute, and eventually conduct research on psychedelic substances. Sustainable cannabis revenue driven by our testing operations provides us a foundation for growth – differentiating us from others in the psychedelics space.