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Cube Psytech Corporation. is a Canadian bio-pharmaceutical and biotechnology company focused on the use of psilocybin to improve health issues such as mental illness, PTSD, addiction disorders, cancer, and depression. The company is comprised of a best of class sciences and executive leadership team with access to bio-pharmaceutical patents.
The goal of Cube Psytech is to support and provide cost-effective and reliable solutions for people suffering from mental disorders and addictions.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assisted Psychotherapy
Cube Tech is a specially designed global date driven AI platform that enables us to assess and identify the deviations from optimized healthy lifestyle data, to create new protocols.
Psilocybin Assisted Psychotherapy
Cube Psytech team has identified psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy and clinical studies that can demonstrate efficacy of potential disease- modifying therapeutics to help combat Cancer-Related Psychiatric Distress, Addiction, Treatment-Resistant Depression, Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder, Cluster Headaches.


World class drug delivery and formulation R&D Science Team

Accessibility for 10+ patents on precision drug delivery systems.

Access for 1902 total publications on psychedelics of 1239 psilocybin to date.

Expedited CSE and OTC Markets Dual Listing Go Public Plan.

Proven Capital Markets Experiences.

Land and Building Assets.

Functional Mushroom Supplement Line launching 1st quarter 2022.