Cube Psytech Enters Into Supply Agreement With Psygen Labs

December 20, 2021

Vancouver, BC – Cube Psytech Inc. (the “Company” or “ CUBE”), a biopharmaceutical and biotechnology company focused on the research and development of functional and psychedelic mushroom technologies for use in natural healthcare products, is announcing a new supply agreement. CUBE has agreed to terms with Psygen Labs Inc. (“Psygen”), a Canadian manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and research chemicals produced to good manufacturing practices (GMP) standards. Psygen has applied for a Health Canada Dealer’s Licence which, if issued, will allow production of restricted drugs.  The agreement secures supply, contingent on issue of a Dealer’s Licence to Psygen, of synthetic psilocybin for CUBE’s research and development, and serves to complement previous agreements to secure high quality extracts of naturally produced psilocybin. With the agreement, Psygen continues to add to their portfolio of research and development customers.

“We are proud to add an excellent supplier to our vendors list.” Says Cube Psytech CEO / Co-Founder Erick Factor’. “Our continued mission to develop innovative high quality products depends on securing the best materials and Psygen is a leader in the field.”

“Psygen understands the challenges obtaining a safe and reliable supply of psychedelic material for clinical research. We intend to be the solution as the leading supplier of psychedelic API’s on the global market.” says Nadia Van der Heyden, Psygen’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “We are happy to have Cube Psytech as a customer and look forward to their research developments in the future”.

The agreement and supply of psilocybin to Cube Psytech will be in compliance with Health Canada guidelines.

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Source: Cube Psytech Corporation

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