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June 20, 2020

Psychedelic Stocks

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The following is a current list of publicly-traded psychedelic companies and links to their respective Canadian, American, and/or European stock exchange profiles. This reference guide is for informational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as investment advice or a suggestion to buy or sell any of the below listed securities.

Champignon Brands ($SHRM | $SHRMF | $496)

Champignon Brands Stock: SHRM / SHRMF / 496

Empower Clinics ($CBDT | $EPWCF | $8EC)

Empower Clinics Stock: CBDT / EPWCF / 8EC

EGF Theramed Health Corp ($TMED | $EVAHF | $AUHP)

EGF Theramed Stock: TMED / EVAHF / AUHP

Ehave Inc ($EHVVF)

Ehave Stock: EHVVF

GreenStar Biosciences ($GSTR | $GTSIF)

GreenStar Biosciences Stock: GSTR / GTSIF

Hollister Biosciences ($HOLL | $HSTRF | $HOB)

Hollister Biosciences Stock: HOLL / HSTRF / HOB

MindMed ($MMED | $MMEDF)

MindMed Stock: MMED / MMEDF / BGHM

MindMed Warrants: MMED.WT

Mota Ventures ($MOTA | $PEMTF | $1WZ1)

Mota Ventures Stock: MOTA / PEMTF / 1WZ1

Mydecine Innovations Group ($MYCO | $MYCOF | $0NF)

Mydecine Stock: MYCO / MYCOF / 0NF

NeonMind Biosciences (Yield Growth subsidiary: $BOSS | $BOSQF | $YG3)

Yield Growth Stock: BOSS | BOSQF | YG3

Numinus ($NUMI | $LKYSD | $LR23)

Numinus Stock: NUMI / LKYSD / LR23

New Wave Holdings ($SPOR | $TRMNF | $0XM2)

New Wave Holdings Stock: SPOR / TRMNF / 0XM2

New Wave Holdings Warrants: SPOR.WT

Pharmadrug Inc ($BUZZ | $LMLLF)

Pharmadrug Stock: BUZZ / LMLLF

Red Light Holland ($TRIP)

Red Light Holland Stock: TRIP / 4YX

Revive Therapeutics ($RVV | $RVVTF | $31R)

Revive Therapeutics Stock: RVV / RVVTF / 31R

Wuhan General Group ($WUHN)

Wuhan General Group Stock: WUHN