New Wave Holdings Corp

New Wave Holdings Corp

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The core of the New Wave business is three distinct business units, establishing leaderships in three key markets and consolidating our brand dominance across the entire Mycological industry.

New Wave Recreational
- The legal market is estimated to be worth $8-19.2B
- New Wave owns two active farms for mushroom cultivation in Jamaica (High Grade Farms & MedzUp), which include on-site processing facilities producing Truffles, Grow Kits, Capsules, Mushrooms, Neuro Botanicals and Edibles
- Growth Strategy: New product development, acquisition, white label supply, international export to Brazil and Netherlands

New Wave Natural
- Altilis Beauty™ brand currently boasts an all-natural product line made from the polynesian Breadfruit flower, including facial cleanser, serum, gel mask, moisturizer, body butter and lip balm. Altilis also developed and owns the patent for the process required to extract the flower for production. Launched in September 2019, sales to date are over $200K in combined domestic and international direct-to-consumer sales via
- Anahit Health is developing a product portfolio to include healthcare and customized products that incorporate legal functioning mushrooms as well as conducting R&D initiatives. The company’s product SKU’s will include cordyceps, lion’s mane, chaga and reishi mushroom based: liquid cordyceps, concentrated mushroom powder, tea, chocolate, syrups, elixirs, cold beverages and nasal spray.

New Wave Mental Health
- Projected global market for mental health and neurological disorders by 2025 is $128.9B
- The company is building a scientific advisory board to expedite the development of New Wave’s psychedelic medical research portfolio.