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PharmaDrug is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the research and development of controlled-substances and natural medicines.

PharmaDrug Operates through three distinct divisions; Pharmadrug Production GmbH, Super Smart Ltd. and Sairiyo Therapeutics Inc. The controlled substances that the Company is currently focusing on are THC, CBD, Psilocybin, Cepharanthine, and Dimethyltryptamine.
PharmaDrug holds a Schedule 1 Narcotics Distribution License, enabling the importation of narcotics into Germany and holds a Good Manufacturing Practice ("GMP') certification, enabling 3rd party manufacturing of narcotic sunder an in-house brand.


Pharmadrug GmbH
Pharmadrug GmbH is a German medical cannabis distribution company with over 20 years of operating history. In May 2019, the Company acquired an 80% equity interest in Pharmadrug Production GmbH
Pharmadrug GmbH holds a Schedule 1 European Union narcotics license, allowing for the importation and distribution of medical cannabis to pharmacies in Germany and throughout the EU as markets become legalized. Additionally, Pharmadrug Production has EU Good Manufacturing Practice certification, enabling the company to third party manufacture narcotics and package them under their own brand.
Super Smart
The Company is focused on consolidating the fragmented "smartshop" market in the Netherlands, with a particular focus on psychedelic-based products. 
As of the date hereof, there are approximately 100 smartshops across the Netherlands, with an annual market value of approximately EUR 100 million. Unlike coffee shops, they have a legal framework that allows them to sell entheogenic plants, which are plants containing substances that have hallucinogenic properties. The bulk of what is sold in smart shops are truffles containing psilocybin, the active component of “magic” mushrooms. All of the Company’s current and future smart shops will operate under the “Slim Winkel” brand.

SlimWinkel is a thought leader, innovator, and influencer in the burgeoning psychedelic space, providing content on how to microdose, which products to use, and bridging the gap between the adult-use, health and wellness, and medical market segments. Slim Winkel’s focus is on presenting psilocybin truffles as a wellness product for improved cognitive performance and potential treatment of ailments.

The Company decided to develop its brand and business by establishing an online retail strategy under its Slim Winkel brand. Super Smart launched two separate e-commerce platforms. One in Europe and one in the United States. The European Slim Winkel online store will sell psilocybin truffles as well as functional mushrooms in The Netherlands. The website will also service other parts of Europe, but without the access to psilocybin truffles. Launching the online smart shop enabled the company to establish and build its brand with the intention to resume the brick-and-mortar strategy

Sairiyo Therapeutics
Sairiyo is a biotechnology company focused on repurposing and developing improved formulations of naturally derived compounds for serious, rare, and life-threatening diseases. Sairiyo aims to obtain European Medicines Evaluation Agency and U.S. Food and Drug Administration ("FDA") approval. 

Sairiyo is advancing the clinical development of its lead drug candidate, Cepharanthine, a repurposed and reformulated naturally-derived compound for the potential treatment of cancer, neurological, inflammatory and infectious diseases.


Daniel Cohen, CEO

Over 20 years of capital markets experience

Head of Sales at Beacon Securities

Successfully financed and launched multiple public companies

Harry Resin, President

Worked in the cannabis industry for the last 17 years as a supply chain consultant to coffee- shops in Amsterdam

Founding member of an original Amsterdam seed company

Staff writer for High Times

Terry Booth, Advisory Board

Global cannabis industry pioneer and founder of Aurora Cannabis

Over 25 years of experience in creating, growing and leading companies in highly regulated industries

Significant capital markets and M&A expertise

Prominent investor in the emerging psychedelics space.

Dr. Steven Barker

Lead the research and development initiatives DMT for mental health, neurological, and inflammatory disorders at PharmaDrug

Professor emeritus at Louisiana State University

Dr. Van Slyke, Chief Scientific Officer

Еntrepreneur-scientist with 18 granted and filed patents

Co-founder and former CSO of Vasomune, a clinical stage Canadian biotech company

PhD at the University of Toronto, Department of Medical Biophyics