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February 15, 2022

Wellbeing Digital Sciences Delivers its First IV Ketamine Treatment Under the Inpatient KITE Program

The Treatment was Successfully Performed in Ontario as Part of the Company’s  Previously Announced Collaboration with Victoria Wellness and iHealthOX  

Vancouver, British Columbia, February 15, 2022 / Globe Newswire / – Wellbeing Digital Sciences  Inc. (“Wellbeing” or the “Company”) (NEO: MEDI) (OTC: KONEF) (Frankfurt: MY0), an evidence based healthcare company focused on innovative clinical solutions, artificial intelligence-powered digital  therapeutics and contract research, is pleased to announce the successful facilitation of its first intravenous  (“IV”) ketamine treatment to a patient at the Victoria Wellness Mental Health Residential and Addition  Treatment Centre (“VW” or the “Centre”) in Ontario through its collaboration with iHealthOX. VW is one  of the first in-patient facilities to offer ketamine-assisted therapy in Canada. Wellbeing management expects  the collaboration between VW, iHealthOX and itself to experience an increase in the number of patients  treated via IV ketamine infusions in the near future.  

The Centre, located at 5316 Rice Lake Scenic Drive in Gores Landing, Ontario, is a residential rehabilitation  facility and mental health clinic focused on treating anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder  (“PTSD”) by offering personalized therapy treatment programs. The Company and VW have launched a  first-class, best practice-based, six-week inpatient Ketamine Integrated Therapy Experience ("KITE")  program. The first three weeks of the KITE program are structured to offer clients a unique opportunity to  benefit from fast-acting and medically supervised IV ketamine administration. This process is expected to  help combat long-standing and prescription-resistant mental health conditions such as depression and  PTSD.  

The Company’s previous announced arrangement with iHealthOX helped to make this first IV ketamine  treatment possible. iHealthOX was created to provide patients with a customized digital tool specifically  for mental health. Patients have access to live coaching sessions, options for one-on-one therapy, evidence based educational material, and 24/7 emergency support. The iHealthOX platform will be available to  patients in both desktop and mobile versions, thereby extending the Company’s services beyond its clinic  locations.  

“The success of our first IV ketamine treatment in Canada in collaboration with VW and iHealthOX and  Wellbeing is encouraged that ketamine-based treatments for mental health are becoming more  commonplace. The Company has always wanted to make a positive and significant impact on mental health  and this brings us one step closer,” said Adam Deffett, Interim CEO of Wellbeing. “Achievements like this, 

exemplify why Wellbeing continues to work hard to make a difference in the mental health realm,” added  Mr. Deffett.  


Wellbeing Digital Sciences Inc. (formerly KetamineOne Capital Limited) is an evidence-based healthcare  company focused on innovative clinical solutions, artificial intelligence-powered digital therapeutics and  contract research. Its mission is supported by a network of North American clinics that provide ketamine assisted therapies and other types of treatment to patients as well as through a contract research organization  that offer clinical trials services to clients pursuing drug development. In essence, the company exists to  make breakthrough treatments more accessible and to offer patients transformational experiences.  

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