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June 3, 2022

Psychedelic Headlines | June 3rd

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Performance of psychedelic public companies this past week.

Company News

Cybin ($CYBN) submitted an Investigational New Drug application to the FDA for their Phase I/IIa first-in-human clinical trial evaluating their proprietary deuterated psilocybin analog, CYB003, as a potential treatment for major depressive disorder. Press Release

Clearmind Medicine ($CMND | $CMNDF) filed a provisional patent application related to cocaine addiction. The patent application refers to the proprietary combination of Clearmind's MEAI, a novel proprietary psychedelic treatment for addiction, with SciSparc's CannAmide. Press Release

Optimi Health ($OPTI | $OPTHF) entered into a supply agreement with Filament Health and Halucenex Life Sciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of Creso Pharma focused on researching developing and licensing psychedelic compounds and with. Details

PsyBio Therapeutics ($PSYB | $PSYBF) initiated formal process development for commercially scalable, patent pending manufacturing technology. PsyBio's manufacturing process utilizes state of the art bioreactor manufacturing technology to facilitate expansion of their portfolio of compounds. Press Release

Awakn Life Sciences ($AWKN | $AWKNF) initiated a larger behavioral addiction study investigating ketamine as a potential treatment for Gambling Disorder. The study will use advanced brain imaging technology to predict when therapy will be at its most effective due to the synaptic neuroplasticity.Press Release

Nirvana Life Sciences ($NIRV) provided positive results for addiction relapse prevention from their latest pre-clinical psychedelic study. The study found that psilocybin reduced reinstatement of Heroin seeking behavior when administered immediately after a memory retrieval task in animals. Press Release

Mynd Life Sciences ($MYND | $MYNDF) provided positive preclinical data in measuring dosing accuracy in psilocybin and psilocybin analogs. Mynd's new testing protocol could allow clinicians and companies to monitor and accurately dose psilocybin and psilocybin-containing extracts and compounds. Press Release

Ceruvia Lifesciences (Private) produced the world's first LSD that meets stringent Current Good Manufacturing Practices standards required by the FDA for new drug approvals. Ceruvia is offering to supply their LSD at no cost to qualified researchers. Press Release

Psyence Group ($PSYG | $PSYGF) appointed Dr. Clive Ward-Able as their Medical Director to further advance their clinical trial using natural psilocybin in the field of palliative care. Dr. Ward-Able has over three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Press Release


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