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May 13, 2021

The World Boxing Council and Wesana Health Announce Multi-Year Joint Efforts to Research the Impact of Psychedelics on Traumatic Brain Injury

MEXICO CITY and TORONTO and CHICAGO, May 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The World Boxing Council (“WBC”), boxing’s elite sanctioning body, and Wesana Health Holdings Inc. (“Wesana”) (CSE: WESA), an emerging data driven life sciences company focused on developing innovative approaches for better understanding, protecting and improving neurological health and performance, including through the advancement of psychedelic medicines, have announced a multi-year clinical research joint project to examine the therapeutic potential of psychedelics (psilocybin) at reducing the effects and symptoms of traumatic brain injury (TBI) suffered by its boxers.

“Boxing is, by nature, a violent sport. Athletes who enter the ring are at risk of developing traumatic brain injury, and the WBC is committed to study all available avenues to help ensure the long-term mental and physical health of our athletes. We have been involved in research studies of the impact of TBI with partners since the 1970’s and Wesana’s approach holds strong potential for curing this debilitating condition and improving brain and mental health. This partnership represents hope for those affected by TBI,” said Mauricio Sulaiman, President of the World Boxing Council.

The WBC will provide Wesana with access to de-identified TBI data from voluntary current and former boxers. In addition to collaboration on research studies, Wesana will be working with academic partners to create personalized brain health baselines, diagnostic, rehabilitation, and cognitive optimization programs.

“Active observation of athletes vulnerable to traumatic brain injury – like boxers – is a valuable part of current cutting-edge research into the treatment of traumatic brain injury. Collection and normalization of that data is critical to developing and refining treatments and protecting the next generation of athletes,” said Dr. Joe Clark of the University of Cincinnati’s renowned neuroscience program.

“The WBC is showing unprecedented foresight in working with Wesana to research the impact and value that psychedelic medicines and other evidence-based modalities can have on TBI suffered in the ring,” said Daniel Carcillo, CEO of Wesana. “The research and clinical trials undertaken in partnership with the WBC will yield data which can inform treatments for anyone suffering a TBI, from soldiers returning from the battlefield to women suffering trauma from domestic abuse. Millions of people around the world experience injuries impacting their brain health, and we are confident in the therapeutic impact psychedelics will have to cure TBI and its associated symptoms like anxiety and depression.”

About Wesana
Wesana is an emerging life sciences company championing the development and delivery of psychedelic and naturally-sourced therapies to treat traumatic brain injury (TBI). Through extensive clinical research and academic partnerships, Wesana is developing evidence-based formulations and protocols that empower patients to overcome neurological, psychological and mental health ailments caused by trauma.

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About the World Boxing Council
The World Boxing Council is Boxing's elite sanctioning body and has as its maximum priority to work and protect athlete's safety and health inside and outside of the boxing ring. The WBC was founded in 1963 and now comprises 167 countries from around the world. Some of their greatest champions include Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Julio César Chávez, Oscar de La Hoya, Sugar Ray Leonard, Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao and Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez among others.

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