Published on
July 10, 2020

Steve Sadoff | CEO, CannaGlobal

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Steve Sadoff

CEO of CannaGlobal Wellness and Co-founder of Sansero Life Sciences, Steve Sadoff has 15 years of experience developing, launching and growing brands and products within highly regulated environments including nutraceuticals, natural health and cannabis.

What made you personally compelled to want to pursue psychedelics?

Having the good fortune of meeting and working with two other co-founders of our business - Irie Selkirk and Darryl Hudson, I was introduced to the formulations they've been developing for the past several years.  I personally observed and experienced the positive impact the formulations have, which drove me to research more into the science and industry.   I began to understand how many people are impacted by mental health illnesses and realized how much these psychedelic medicines could help mankind's wellbeing.   I also reflected on my own family where those closest to me have been prescribed antidepressants and stimulants, none of whom are having positive experiences, which inspired me to help find ways we can provide alternatives to these less-than-ideal pharmaceuticals.  This was more than enough motivation to join the movement and pursue this endeavour.

What different projects are you working on as a biotech company and what are you hoping to accomplish?

Our aim is to develop and launch psilocybin-based formulations designed to be direct replacement for existing antidepressants and ADHD medications.  Our lead formulations that have been developed over the past few years show great promise as we continue our laboratory research and move into clinical trials.

What do you think most people don't realize about the therapeutic and pharmaceutical potential of psilocybin?

I'm fascinated by the recent research indicating that those who have consumed psilocybin often demonstrate a stronger bond and appreciation for nature.  The potential implications could have profound effects on how we relate to our natural environment and treat it.  It would be wonderful if we find that psychedelic medicines heal not only minds, but the planet as well.

What opportunity exists right now in novel drug discovery around psychedelics and how do you feel Sansero is positioned to create value?

The effectiveness and safety of current drugs for mental health issues is limited, with little innovation in the development pipeline.  Recent research has provided us with a greater understanding of the brain and metabolic pathways.  At Sansero, we're leveraging this new-found understanding, and along with machine learning we're able to develop novel drugs to fill this innovation gap while tapping into existing patient behaviours to introduce safer and more effective treatments.

Sansero recently has merged with Rise Therapeutics and CannaGlobal Wellness. Why was this the path you chose for Sansero and what synergies exist with this newly formed psychedelics company?

This merger accelerates our development and creates a clearer pathway to success.  We now have greater resources at our disposal, coupled with an unparalleled network of some of the brightest scientific and medical minds focused on mental health and psychedelics.  It also allows us to begin to drive awareness of these healing molecules and drive better wellness through retail activations and the development of a wellness network.

Sansero will also leverage our formulation R&D capabilities to develop natural health products and functional foods that can be distributed through our additional business verticals.  This merger ultimately allows us to provide those interested in learning and becoming healthier multiple inroads to discovery and achievement.

What can people expect from this new company you are building in the near future?

They can expect us to make an immediate impact by rapidly opening and a variety of natural wellness consumer touchpoints including the re-opening of Rise Wellness Retreat (post COVID19 travel restrictions), an adaptogen bar and natural health retail space, all while we continue to meet significant milestones within our drug development platform.

Who is one person you think is building something great in psychedelics that you think more people should be aware of and why?

Dr. Elizabeth Nielson and Dr. Ingmar Gorman co-founded Fluence where they are doing amazing work providing continuing education programs for licensed professionals and graduate students in psychedelic integration and psychedelic-assisted therapy.   I feel that this work will be critical to the mindshift required across the medical and scientific communities to overcome stigmas and help evolve the manner in which we provide mental healthcare.