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July 21, 2021

Red Light Holland Files New Patent: Technology and Devices for Monitoring Information and Influencing Behavior Involving Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - July 21, 2021) - Red Light Holland Corp. (CSE: TRIP) (FSE: 4YX) (OTC Pink: TRUFF) ("Red Light Holland" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that the Company has filed a new patent for technologies for monitoring and displaying information involving carbon dioxide emissions, designed to influence and motivate positive behavior relating thereto, and devices adapted for use thereof.

Red Light Holland's interactive Wisdom Truffle will now provide users with real-time data informing users how much carbon dioxide is being emitted by their local electricity grid, along with tips and suggestions on how users may reduce their carbon footprint.

In addition, the Company is pleased to announce that Katie Patrick, an environmental engineer, author and social media influencer, will be joining the Red Light Holland team and will be working on the design and production of the Wisdom Truffles. The Wisdom Truffles have been designed by renowned designer Karim Rashid, to promote positivity and comfort. The Wisdom Truffle technology is developed by RadixMotion, a Silicon Valley based applied sciences wholly-owned subsidiary of Red Light Holland.

Each electric grid produces a dramatically varying amount of CO2 emissions at different times of the day, generally peaking in the early evening. By utilizing the Wisdom Truffle's internet connectivity, along with its ability to change colours and patterns, Wisdom Truffle will be able to give real-time, localized information on active CO2 emissions. Whenever a local electric grid is producing less CO2 Wisdom will glow green and whenever the electric grid is polluting Wisdom will glow red and provide tips to reduce electric consumption.

With the advent and prevalence of electric vehicles, knowledge of the most environmentally-friendly and efficient times to charge a car or use other heavy appliances can significantly reduce personal emissions and result in cost-savings to individuals and families.

"Just this week scientists determined the Amazon rainforest is now releasing more CO2 than it is able to absorb, demonstrating that cutting emissions is more urgent than ever," said Graham Pechenik, Senior Advisor and registered patent attorney, "I'm delighted to be able to help ensure Red Light Holland's creative approach to this problem is protected, by filing a provisional patent application so that others cannot obtain exclusive rights to the invention. The primary aim is to protect the planet-and we hope other companies will be inspired to continue this innovative work, as we believe we all must cooperate to address the climate crisis."

"Behavioural research studies have demonstrated that individuals become motivated to save energy when they see the environmental output data in the form of CO2 emissions, instead of kilowatts or dollars. The Wisdom Truffle will provide one of the most powerful ways to deliver this data, through its use of visual aids such as colored lights which reflect a grid's CO2 emissions in real-time," said Ms. Patrick, "Communities are craving a way to fight the ongoing climate crisis - and most people don't realize how polluting grid electricity is at different times of day, such as between 7pm and 10pm. Bringing this emissions data into Red Light Holland's current suite of products will be the first of its kind - a ground-breaking smart home device that will empower the growing psychedelic community to take positive climate action by responding directly to real-time emissions data."

Katie Patrick's work has been featured in the BBC, Cosmopolitan, Vogue Australia and more. To learn more:

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"We are disrupting whole industries with our products, not only the psychedelic ecosystem, but in the smart home device and meditation and mindfulness technology industries as well, which are both thriving and growing industries in their own right," said Red Light Holland CEO and Director Todd Shapiro. "Having Katie Patrick, an expert environmental designer, join forces with us, both opens new markets for Red Light Holland and helps raise consciousness regarding the ongoing climate crisis. The heat wave and wildfires in Western Canada have shown that the climate crisis is real and getting closer. We believe the psychedelic revolution can help create deeper connections and empower users towards self-growth and responsible environmental stewardship."

"Reducing our carbon footprint is part of the psychedelic culture of healing and caring," said Sarah Hashkes CITO of Red Light Holland and CEO of RadixMotion. "The Wisdom Truffle is designed to help find growth in our collective relationships with substances, technology, humanity and the planet. Providing people with fun and interactive ways to experience and play with important data is proven to improve positive feedback loops that lead to the behaviour change necessary for growth. We are creating an ecosystem where psychedelics are an accessible tool for growth everywhere and the Wisdom Truffle is an important part of the technological infrastructure for our growing community."

Wisdom Truffle: Moon, Star, SuperNova

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There are currently three Wisdom Truffle models under development:

⦁ Moon: The Moon model is expected to include a pulse sensor, multicolour LED lights, and Bluetooth connectivity. Moon is a handheld, first-of-its-kind, meditation aid and biorhythm communication device, which allows for insights into the autonomic nervous system by responding to a user's heartbeat. Heart-rate data can be added to the iMicro Journal app to keep track of physiological changes correlated to micro dosing and/or meditation. In addition, Moon supports multiplayer mode allowing for group meditation and/or connection.

⦁ Star: Star is expected to include a Qi-enabled wireless phone charger, multicolour LED lights, and a Bluetooth-connected speaker. Star is a lamp-size figurine that helps build a healthier relationship with mobile devices by promoting presence and focus. Star will allow for connection with the iMicro Journal app, and will allow for the tracking of phone-usage and the rewarding healthy breaks. This Star will also bring the added light and superb sound quality to any room.

⦁ SuperNova: SuperNova is expected to include a high-resolution camera, and will utilize artificial-intelligence based pose-detection models, multicolour LED lights and a Bluetooth-connected speaker. SuperNova is a 1-meter tall, life-sized figurine, and will include artificial intelligence technology that will detect and understand users' body movements. This Wisdom Truffle creates unique interactive audio-visual experiences based on dances, stretches and more. In addition to the foregoing, SuperNova will as well support multiplayer mode for galleries, conventions, stores and more.​

To join the waiting list to be the first to pre-order the Wisdom Truffles, please visit:

The first test units of the Wisdom Truffle models will be available before the end of the year, with mass production anticipated to ramp up in Q1 of 2022.

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