Psychedelic Weekly Headlines | June 24th

June 24, 2022

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Performance of psychedelic public companies this past week.

Company News

Numinus Wellness ($NUMI | $NUMIF) launched a Utah-based pilot program to help businesses improve employee mental health by offering ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and announced that their subsidiary, Numinus Bioscience, filed a patent application for a rapid production process for Psilocybe and fungi species containing psilocybin and other compounds. Details

Nirvana Life Science ($NIRV) filed a patent application for a novel process for the isolation of a psychedelic 4-PO-Psilocin compound. The process is expected to significantly increase the efficacy and safety in administering psychedelic compounds in clinical settings. Press Release

Mindset Pharma ($MSET | $MSSTF) entered into an innovative research collaboration with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health to sponsor a preclinical study of their novel and patented second generation psilocybin-like compound, MSP-1014. Press Release

Ceruvia Lifesciences (Private) submitted an IND application to begin a Phase I dose study to assess the safety and tolerability of NYPRG-101, a non-hallucinogenic analog of LSD being developed as a potential treatment for migraines. Press Release

Optimi Health ($OPTI | $OPTHF) submitted a request with Health Canada for an amendment to their Controlled Substances Dealer’s Licence. The amendment would enable Optimi Health to synthesize MDMA and other synthetic psychedelics. Press Release

Tryp Therapeutics ($TRYP | $TRYPF) appointed Sid Taubenfeld as Chief Operating Officer to further expand patient access to psilocybin-based treatments. Taubenfeld is a seasoned executive with healthcare and biotech expertise. Press Release


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