Published on
July 8, 2022

Psychedelic Weekly Headlines | July 8th

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Performance of psychedelic public companies this past week.

Company News

Awakn Life Sciences ($AWKN $AWKNF) received UK State funding to identify the quickest and most cost-effective route to market in both the UK and the US for their lead clinical development program, ketamine-assisted therapy for alcohol use disorder. Press Release

Nirvana Life Sciences ($NIRV) acquired an exclusive license for a novel delivery system for psychedelic APIs. The novel delivery system allows compounds to directly enter the bloodstream, resulting in a rapid onset of 5 minutes or less. Press Release

Filament Health ($FH | $FLHLF) has been issued a sixth patent for the extraction and standardization of natural psilocybin and associated psychedelic compounds and began dosing patients in the first FDA-approved clinical trial studying the effects of naturally derived psilocin and psilocybin. Details

Algernon Pharmaceuticals ($AGN | $AGNPF) provided an update on their planned Phase 1 clinical human study of their DMT-based psychedelic compound, AP-188. Algernon is currently working to complete the intravenous formulation that will be used in the Phase I DMT study set to begin in September. Press Release

Lobe Sciences ($LOBE | $LOBED) developed their initial Phase I study plan intended to demonstrate the safety and appropriate dosing range for their proprietary synthetic analogue of psilocin, L-130. Press Release

BetterLife Pharma ($BETR | $BETRF) successfully secured funding for research into the anti-depressant effects and mechanism of action of BETR-001 in preclinical models of depression. BETR-001 is a second-generation LSD derivative molecule. Press Release

Psylo (Private) announced a joint project with Australia’s national science agency CSIRO. CSIRO will introduce Psylo's novel psychedelic compounds to neuronal cell cultures to assess their potential to improve brain function. Press Release

Mindset Pharma ($MSET | $MSSTF) has been granted allowance for their patent application covering their short-duration novel psychedelic medications for the treatment of central nervous system disorders. Press Release


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