Psychedelic Weekly Headlines | July 22nd

July 22, 2022

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Performance of psychedelic public companies this past week.

Company News

Field Trip Health ($FTRP) announced the first successful dosings in their Phase I clinical study of their novel psychedelic molecule, FT-104. The study is focused on the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamic effects of FT-104 over a range of doses. Press Release

Wellbeing Digital Sciences ($MEDI $KONEF) announced that their wholly owned subsidiary, KGK Sciences, entered into a research services agreement for a Phase II clinical trial with Halucenex Life Sciences, a psychedelic subsidiary of Creso Pharma. Press Release

Awakn Life Sciences ($AWKN | $AWKNF) announced that the National Institute for Health and Care Research, has approved grant funding for 66% of the costs of Awakn's Phase III clinical trial focused on ketamine-assisted therapy as a potential treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder. Press Release

PharmaTher Holdings ($PHRM | $PHRRF) has been provided a Notice of Allowance for their patent application which includes claims intended to cover ketamine as a potential treatment of Parkinson’s Disease and motor disorders.Press Release

Mydecine Innovations Group ($MYCO | $MYCOF) successfully synthesized multiple short-acting MDMA analogs and applied for patent coverage of their MYCO-006 family of novel MDMA analogs. The analogs have been specifically designed by Mydecine to have a shorter half life than traditional MDMA. Press Release

HAVN Life Sciences ($HAVN | $HAVLF) announced that Alpha Blue Ocean is supporting HAVN's growth with a CAD$‎‎9M ‎‎financing arrangement. HAVN Life intends to use the proceeds to further advance their standardized extraction of psychoactive compounds and the development of natural health products.Press Release

Lobe Sciences ($LOBE | $LOBEF) filed a provisional patent for the preparation and use of their proprietary and stable psilocin related compounds, further strengthening their intellectual property portfolio. Press Release

COMPASS Pathways ($CMPS) appointed Kabir Nath as Chief Executive Officer to accelerate patient access to evidence-based innovation in mental health care. Kabir Nath brings decades of experience in the health care industry to his new role. Press Release

Psyched Wellness ($PSYC | $PSYCF) announced that their proprietary Amanita Muscaria Extract, AME-1, is now available for preorder in the USA. Studies on AME-1 indicate that it has a calming effect while also having a neuroprotective effect at the cellular level. Press Release


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