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March 23, 2021

Psilocybin Data Study Agreement Reached Between Ehave Inc. and Silo Wellness Using Brain Scientific Mapping Neurocap

MIAMI, March 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ehave, Inc. (OTC Pink: EHVVF), a provider of digital therapeutics for the psychedelic and mental health sectors, and Silo Wellness Inc. (CSE: SILO) (“Silo Wellness”), a wellness company in the psychedelics and functional mushroom marketplaces, today announced plans to collaborate on a clinical study in coordination with select volunteer participants of Silo Wellness’ Jamaican psilocybin-facilitated wellness retreats.

The study will focus on studying transitions in and out of the altered state of consciousness caused by psychedelic molecules and offer a safe and powerful means of advancing knowledge on the neurobiology of non-ordinary conscious states. Advancing the understanding of the neurobiological underpinnings of immersive states of consciousness could ultimately help researchers find better treatment approaches for diseases such as chronic pain, depression (major and persistent), bipolar disorder, general anxiety, ADHD and Schizophrenia. Ehave’s proprietary dashboard will be used to collect and sort data from the brain mapping study.

Ehave will integrate Brain Scientific's NeuroCap and NeuroEEG to acquire data from participants in real time. The study with Silo Wellness will allow Ehave to deploy NeuroCap and NeuroEEG in order to capture the data around the electrophysiological changes in brain pre-, mid-, and post-psychedelic drug administration. This will allow researchers to measure the efficacy of psychedelic molecules on various mental health indications that might open new doorways for psychedelic research and development of molecules to address various mental health disorders with great precision and efficiency.

Ehave CEO, Ben Kaplan said, “Brain mapping reveals which areas of the brain are not working the way they should, as well as how those areas are affected by external factors." Mr. Kaplan continued, "The brain mapping process will allow us to see inside the brain to identify the effects of psilocybin molecules and its derivatives on brainwaves. From the data we receive from the brain map, a report will be generated for each patient that shows the areas affected.”

“Silo Wellness is delighted to collaborate on discovering innovative methods to assist in delivering the most optimal experience of wellness retreat participants through the screening of psychoactivity, which may enable us to learn even more about therapeutic dosing of psilocybin products,” commented Douglas K. Gordon, Chief Executive Officer of Silo Wellness. “Scientific approaches such as this align with our ongoing commitment to leverage technology, applications and formats, such as our patent-pending psilocybin nasal spray, to both destigmatize and transform the psychedelics landscape.”

The study will assimilate data of select volunteers of Jamaican psilocybin retreat participants by measuring brain activity for a duration of 15-30 minutes before the administration of psilocybin and its derivatives. The participant shall wear an EEG neurocap during the entire process of the study and for 15-30 minutes after the administration of the psilocybin and its derivatives.

"This study will be conducted using EEG devices to measure the brain activity before, during, and after administration of psilocybin and its derivatives. To conduct the test, we place a comfortable cap on the individual’s head. The cap contains sensors that measure brainwaves of various frequencies. This is an entirely non-invasive reading of the brain’s activity and frequency patterns," said Alfred Farrington II, Chief Information Officer of Ehave.

Dr. Manideep Gopishetty, Medical Advisor for Ehave said, “Understanding the effects psychedelics have on human brain activity and how it’s impacting the consciousness could be a key to building a more sustainable and effective treatment protocol for various mental health disorders.”

“This is part of Silo Wellness’s commitment to the advancing psychedelic compounds in familiar delivery modalities,” stated pharmacologist Dr. Parag Bhatt, Silo medical advisor and co-inventor of the nasal spray. “We are using this endeavor to evaluate the feasibility of an advanced tool to potentially use in a future study to prevent hyper-therapeutic dosing of psychedelics in line with our psilocybin nasal spray and other metered-dosing patent application claims.”

Ehave will be responsible for collecting and sorting data from the brain mapping study with its Ehave Dashboard. Ehave will also be responsible for designing the protocol for the brain mapping study, finalizing the principal investigator and medical monitor, providing the EEG equipment, as well as training the ground staff in Jamaica to handle the EEG equipment.

In addition to developing and facilitating the psilocybin-assisted wellness retreat agenda, Silo Wellness will be responsible for procuring the retreat sites for the brain mapping study to take place in Jamaica. Silo Wellness will also be responsible for facilitating the administration of psilocybin and its derivatives in natural variants.

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