Paul Glavine | Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Cybin Corp

May 19, 2020

What made you interested to get involved in psychedelics ?

A personal experience: The loss of a best friend and business partner made me suffer from depression for a period in my mid-20s.

I was fortunately able to get past my troubles; however, the mind and mental health have always been of interest and a personal passion. As I researched psychedelics and listened to the stories of those with personal experiences, my passion grew.

What is the most exciting opportunity you see when it comes to Psychedelic medicines?

It is hard to get excited from just one aspect, as it seems that psychedelics can affect so many people in different, positive ways. The areas I have the most personal experience with are depression and PTSD. I believe there have been many challenges with anti-depressant pharmaceutical therapies. The ability to treat patients in clinical settings will help pave the way for these medicines to be accessed, as many states and countries adapt to new legislation in the future.  I also feel that there is much to study from people who claim to have benefits relating to their creativity and productivity levels.

What problems are you working on solving within functional mushrooms and psychedelics?

Our functional mushroom products are formulated alongside different Adaptogenic herbs and are geared towards enhancing cognitive flexibility, immune boosting, energy and detoxification.

On the psychedelic side, we are focused on indications such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders and overall brain health, that can lead to increased creativity and productivity.  We’re also studying other chemical compounds that can be isolated or synthesized.

We are focused on data collection and studying therapeutic treatment to develop differentiated products.

What do you think is the biggest misconception you see around psychedelics?

I think people tend to forget these medicines have been used for centuries in indigenous ceremonies and their connection to Earth. We need to have a deeper understanding of the physiological components of psychedelics. This will help governments make decisions on how to regulate to ensure the right set and settings can be continued and practiced.

Is there something you have found personally transformational about psychedelics?

Personally, I found my ability to focus, and avoid distractions are the most compelling.  I maintain a daily clear cognition with a combination of other functional mushrooms

Who would you like to see Psychedelic Finance feature next?

Toronto Centre for Psychedelic Science.
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