Published on
February 4, 2022

Matthew Singh | CCO, Psyched Wellness

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Matthew Singh
Chief Commercial Officer

Mr. Singh is a seasoned Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) executive with 20+ years specializing in Pharma and Beverage. He has held senior positions at Red Bull, Vital Pharmaceuticals, and Coca Cola, with particular focus on business development and expanding into international markets. In addition to this, Mr. Singh has assisted multiple start-ups commercialize their products, scaling their brands and securing profitability.


You have a wealth of experience launching brands and products within the multibillion-dollar beverage and pharmaceutical industries. What first got you excited about psychedelics and their therapeutic potential?

My interest and excitement about psychedelics and their therapeutic potential is deeply rooted in personal experience. Throughout my formative years I was always involved in contact sports and willingly participated with a general disregard for my own well-being. At the time, the knowledge and communication around head injuries was lacking. As a result, I have been on the receiving end of more concussions than most…some minor and (unfortunately) some major. For me, the difficult aspect of these injuries revolves around the delayed nature of the long-term effects. Years later I started to struggle with the telltale signs of a rambunctious youth, from trouble focusing to difficulty managing my moods. I am not speaking with hyperbole when I say psychedelics changed my life for the better. My first experiences with psychedelics were all recreational in nature; but, as I aged I began to focus more on my mental health. I personally feel that the regimented, calculated, and continuous use of psychedelics has been the major key to improving my mental acuity, focus, and mood regulation. To say I owe a debt to this industry is an understatement. You alluded to my experience within consumer-packaged goods. I am fortunate to have spent almost two decades working with incredible companies like Coca Cola, Vital Pharmaceuticals, and Red Bull. All industry-leading proving grounds and I value the time spent with each organization. When I was offered a role at Psyched Wellness, I immediately understood that this was a "dream job". An opportunity to work with such a talented team, helping to build an impactful company in an industry that has the potential to help customers improve their mental and physical well-being. For the first time in my life, I am empowered to use my skillsets to help grow a commercial organization, while also making the world a better place. The gravity and importance of this point has me motivated to give nothing short of my very best, as we bring our products to market.

What is the most common misconception you hear about psychedelics?

The most common misconception I encounter about psychedelics is the belief that they are only for a "certain type" of individual. I will admit, I once subscribed to this very misconception. The more you speak openly and transparently about psychedelics, the more you realize that people from dramatically different backgrounds have found value in the use of these substances. Psychedelic supporters are more diverse than the demographic variety of any other industry I have been involved in. A tantalizing concept when related to a company's criteria for potential consumers. You find said supporters in office environments, in the arts, or existing outside of structured employment. The beautiful thing? Even though we are all from different backgrounds we are connected by the benefit delivered by these phenomenal fungi. As we work to dispel the misconception that utilizing psychedelics is an irregular pastime, limited to a typecast few…we work to create an industry that has the potential to reach people from all walks of life.

What is Psyched Wellness working on building in the psychedelics space?

A sector this new, this innovative, and this progressive will naturally create a bullrush of companies looking to stake their claim. Our question became, how do you build a prominent yet unique company entering the space? How do we position ourselves for success while rising above the noise that is an inevitable byproduct of industries transitioning through new regulatory barriers? The answer: To build a psychedelic mushroom company that will have first-to-market capabilities and a reliable source of ongoing product revenue generated by a legal over-the-counter product that is available for purchase without a prescription, in 2022. Our team, filled with greater minds than my own, found the answer to our question in the Amanita Muscaria mushroom. The iconic red and white fairytale fungi made famous in "Alice in Wonderland" and still prominent as the widely utilized mushroom emoji. It is a psychedelic mushroom with a storied and documented history of use within Nordic, Siberian, Celtic, and Germanic mythology (to name a few). Much of the psychedelic mushroom sector is primarily speculative at this point. At Psyched Wellness, we are building an entity that will be able to stand behind a quality product, concrete plans for growth, and a vibrant consumer community…all realized within 2022.

Psyched Wellness is the only public company to be studying Amanita Muscaria. What opportunities does this create for you and how will you seize them?

This is an astounding fungi with staggering potential. It is often misunderstood and absolutely requires adequate knowledge and preparation to harness said potential. Fortunately, the team at Psyched Wellness has invested years of research and millions of dollars to harness the power of this mushroom. Now that the groundwork has been completed, we are able to enjoy the opportunities presented. Namely we will be able to legally sell a psychedelic mushroom product, both on our owned website and via traditional retailers. To our knowledge, we will be the first company to do so. Speed to market is key in any industry. It is even more beneficial in a new and rapidly expanding industry. Beyond the first-to-market opportunity Amanita Muscaria has proven itself effective in multiple use-case scenarios. This will allow us to launch a wide assortment of products as the years progress. Of course we will stay strategically focused on certain categories when we launch; but, the long-term potential for product assortment and white-labelling our proprietary extract (AME-1) to third parties for their own use is already being developed. You ask how we will seize these opportunities: First and foremost, with the continued support of our investors. Beyond that Psyched Wellness has an extraordinary and diverse team. Examine our internals, our board, and our advisors and you will find experts in mycology, medicine, health and wellness, capital markets, government affairs, PR, marketing, consumer packaged goods, and grassroots communities. All with a unified passion and goal to bring the Psyched Wellness vision to life.

Can you share more about Psyched Wellness’ Amanita Muscaria tincture?

We have been strategic in our product communication as we work behind the scenes to launch our new branding and website. Luckily that work is nearly complete, so I am happy to discuss the Amanita Muscaria tincture! We know the Amanita Muscaria mushroom with its active ingredient muscimol, has a long history of traditional use by indigenous cultures. Our proprietary extraction method yields a safe to consume, non-hallucinogenic product that has a soothing and calming effect. When you examine the product potential next to the ever-increasing stress of everyday life, we realized recovery is a major desire for most of our society. It became clear that we needed to investigate this product for its potential as a sleep-aid. We are honored to present the finished good to market, allowing our consumers to realize the benefit for themselves.

Can you explain Psyched Wellness’ relationship with KGK Science and how this partnership furthers your mission?

We are very fortunate to have a strong relationship with KGK Science. Working in a highly regulated space, our team needs to be exact in their understanding and execution within their product's business landscape. Our relationship with KGK Science allows us to stay on point when it comes to our study of the Amanita Muscaria mushroom, our consistently expanding applications of AME-1, and the regulatory hurdles to bring our products to market in a safe and sustainable manner. Recently they were integral in our decision to utilize a self-GRAS route to market in addition to our already established plans of obtaining New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) certification with the FDA and a Natural Health Product (NHP) certification with Health Canada.

What is the self-GRAS process and how will it assist Psyched Wellness in launching Amanita Muscaria extract products?

A self-GRAS process allows us to demonstrate that our product is generally regarded as safe to consume. In essence it is a regulatory strategy executed by the vast majority of companies working with consumables. Even my past employers, like Red Bull, would implement a self-GRAS process. It will allow us to bring our products to market in a timely and effective manner, without delaying our parallel strategy to obtain an NDI and NHP with the respective regulatory bodies in both the US and Canada. A self-Gras is the responsible way for Psyched Wellness to maintain our launch timelines and obligations to our shareholders, without disrupting the long-term potential of AME-1 and its many opportunities for commercialization.

What do you believe is the most important thing for people to understand about the future of psychedelics as medicine?

I think I should speak to the sub-category in which our products exist. Therefore, in relation to the products coming from Psyched Wellness, people should understand that no one substance will be the answer to all your problems. Instead, these goods will be capable of impacting your life when integrated into your larger wellness routine. I personally have realized the benefits of psychedelics in relation to my personal well-being. I hope people can understand the incredible potential of this sector, while still allocating time and energy to improve their overall mental and physical health in all possible ways. Society today seems so fixated on extremes; we often forget that the greatest result in any discipline is realized when a collective focus is mobilized for one unified purpose.

What do you see the future of psychedelic medicines being and what will their impact be on healthcare as a whole?

In truth, I do not believe my personal knowledge is sufficient to answer this question. My background and focus is related to the mass scale and profitability of consumable goods. As the Chief Commercial Officer at Psyched Wellness, it is my duty to ensure our products are effective, reliable, backed by science, and available to the masses. That being said, I hope the future of psychedelic medicines will continue to trend toward widespread availability and adoption. If even one additional individual can experience the benefits I have, the world will be a better place.