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October 6, 2021

Lobe Announces Krysalis VX Innovations Inc., a Company Equally Owned by Lobe Sciences Ltd. and Virtual Psychedelics Incorporated, Appointment of Interdisciplinary Team of Advisors

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - October 6, 2021) - Lobe Sciences Ltd. (CSE: LOBE) (OTC Pink: GTSIF) ("Lobe" or the "Company") today announced that Krysalis VX Innovations Inc. ("Krysalis"), the Virtual experience ("VX")-focused company designing the delivery of immersive, headset-free experiences through the KrysalisTM Pod system that will offer treatment options for cognitive, psychological, motor and functional impairments across various clinical health conditions, has appointed a distinguished and future-facing advisory team composed of Alex McDowell, Jon 9, Austin Blaisdell, and the three minds behind sonic engineering company, Resonant Devices, Kent Noonan, Erik Larson and Casey Atteberry.

Krysalis was formed pursuant to a joint venture agreement between Lobe and Virtual Psychedelics Incorporated ("VPI") announced on April 27, 2021, where Krysalis is owned 50% by Lobe and 50% by VPI.

This advisory group will assist Krysalis through its first iteration of the KrysalisTM Pod. The current leadership team of Krysalis, CEO and social network-transmedia pioneer, Josh Shore; Hollywood director, futurist, and KrysalisTM Pod project lead, Brett Leonard; Professor and Director of Medical Virtual Reality at USC's Institute for Creative Technologies, Dr. Albert (Skip) Rizzo; and VIP Event Producer, William (Billy) Alfonso (Formula-1, Cirque du Soleil) - are thrilled that the KrysalisTM Pod development will now benefit from representation and expertise of the advisory team that spans across arts, technology, design, academic and industry sectors.

"As a cinematic storyteller, having told cautionary tales of the transformative power of Virtual Reality in my movies, to now be involved in the actual reality of using this technology thanks to our groundbreaking partnership with Lobe Sciences and the incredible advisory group being announced here, is the realization of my greatest hopes for Virtual eXperience (VX) to be a positive force for healing the human spirit," said Brett Leonard. "The best part is, with the development of the KrysalisTM Pod, no one in these therapeutic environments will have to strap an uncomfortable device on their head."

Krysalis is committed to further developing systems that deliver virtual experience in tandem with psychedelics for research and clinical therapy, developing VR systems without psychedelics for recreational purposes such as gaming, and is focused on the development of the KrysalisTM Pod. The KrysalisTM Pod is new technology that will harness biometric feedback to make visible the tangible combined effects of virtual reality ("VR") and psychedelics on biometric activity in real time. With this ability, the implementer (researcher or clinician) will be able to monitor both the psychedelic and the immersive experience such that it will be uniquely tailored to individual responses, and thus moderated to maximize the desired effect and therapeutic outcomes.

"I am impressed with the depth and capabilities of the Advisory team assembled by Krysalis management," said Philip Young, CEO Lobe Sciences Ltd. "We have confidence that working together they will be able to create an industry leading VX experience that may aid those suffering from depression, PTSD and other mental health issues."

This advisory team will be pivotal in defining aesthetic and pragmatic attributes of Krysalis VX's treatment-oriented technology. The advisory team consists of:

Alex McDowell Award-winning designer, storyteller, and founder and creative director of Experimental Design where McDowell and his team design immersive story worlds for industries and institutions. He is simultaneously a professor of practice at USC School of Cinema, where he directs the World Building Media Lab and World Building Institute and teaches world building as a media and platform-agnostic narrative design practice. Alex is also known as one of the top Hollywood production designers, having worked on some of the biggest visionary Hollywood blockbusters such as Steven Spielberg's "Minority Report".

Jon 9 is a Creative Technologist who handles large-scale digital display projects, streaming immersive spaces, content creation and post-production management for complex systems. He's realized massive projects including Cirque du Soleil: Beatles LOVE at The Mirage Las Vegas, installations with Disney, and many others with icons and mega-brands from Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin to Audi and The Emmy Awards. His expertise is rooted in developing experiential media spaces that require new techniques and technologies.

Austin Blaisdell is a design strategist and art director who uses 3D printing, Virtual Reality, and the entire digital universe to project visions spanning all arts-related genres. His spatial design, visual direction, and design solutions may be experienced internationally, at exhibitions from Los Angeles to New York to Paris.

Kent Noonan is an Electronic Engineer whose expertise spans all areas of design and manufacturing, lasers and optics, high performance electronics and tough industrial devices, alternative healing with light and electromagnetic frequencies, free energy devices and alternate fuels, plasma, cymatics, and structured water research.

Erik Larson is an inventor, design engineer, musician, instrument builder, and entrepreneur. His professional specialties include business development, business management, patent and IP development, product development, technology integration, systems design, and team building.

Casey Atteberry is a mathematician striving to translate material in an approachable way to people of all ages and levels of interest. He has been an independent math and acoustical physics research scientist for nearly two decades, studying concepts from quantum computation to cymatics and fluid dynamics.

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About Krysalis VX Innovations Inc.

Krysalis VX Innovations Inc. exists to design sophisticated, immersive treatments for psychological, cognitive and physical challenges. The KrysalisTM Pod will be designed to be powered by a custom tech stack incorporating advanced display technology and state-of-the-art bio-monitoring with the goal of improving psychedelic therapy by optimizing set, setting and the overall experience for clinical and other uses. The KrysalisTM Pod will deliver headset-free, virtual experiences that integrate multi-sensory stimulation to create an application that can offer treatment options for cognitive, psychological, motor and functional impairments across a wide range of clinical health conditions.

About Virtual Psychedelics Incorporated ("VPI")

VPI was formed to pioneer the integration of Psychedelic Therapies with Virtual Experience known as "VX" (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality). Founded by the leading minds in both clinical and entertainment-based Virtual Reality, VPI is dedicated to developing new approaches for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric conditions, and for promoting wellness, alongside the technologies and processes to make them scalable. In addition to medicinal applications, this marriage of ancient and modern technologies has enormous potential for promoting self-understanding and social transformation.

About Lobe Sciences Ltd.

Lobe Sciences is a life sciences company focused on psychedelic medicines. The Company, through collaborations with industry-leading partners, is engaged in drug research and development using psychedelic compounds and the development of innovative devices and delivery mechanisms to improve mental health and wellness.

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