Published on
September 13, 2021

Geoff Belair | Chief Technology Officer, MINDCURE

What potential does technology have for the future of psychedelic medicines and the patient experience?

The potential in my view is limitless. We are at a point in time where technology has advanced to a stage that society, specifically the current generation accepts and depends on technology for everyday use. Devices like smartphones and smart wearables, like watches, are ubiquitous around the world, and at a price point that allows almost everyone to have and use some form of this technology. At this same point in time, we have been hit with a worldwide pandemic, which has challenged people in many ways, not the least of which is their mental health. This has created a crossroads and an opportunity to help. The pandemic has accelerated the use of technology in ways not seen at any scale previously. The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” is profoundly true now. I see a future in which technology will provide validation and efficacy for the use of psychedelic medicines. Our company’s iSTRYM technology, as an example, provides science-based protocols that are backed by the evidence it collects. Evidence-backed technologies will drive adoption because they will show the way to better outcomes, and this will improve the patient’s experience. We want to be the company that people trust with their minds, and iSTRYM will be that platform to showcase MINDCURE’s commitment to this.

 MINDCURE just released the early version of iSTRYM. Can you explain what it is?

iSTRYM is a Digital Therapeutics Platform. This first release is known as a Minimum Viable Product or MVP. This release will test many new ideas and concepts, including scientifically researched protocols. At MINDCURE we have additional features and ideas ready to be added to iSTRYM, but we wanted to give early adopters the ability to be part of iSTRYM’s development. Our early adopters will provide feedback that will guide and improve the product paving the way for a commercially available version in the first quarter of 2022.

 Can you share in its most simplistic form how iSTRYM works and what it seeks to do?

The elevator pitch is simple. iSTRYM is a practitioner’s best assistant, and a patients (client) best friend. It guides both through the psychedelic journey from the initial connection with a therapist, to supporting a client post therapy as they integrate back into their daily lives. iSTRYM supports the relationship between these users is a safe and secure manner providing insights and support tools directed at creating the best possible outcome.

 How do you see iSTRYM optimizing psychedelic assisted psychotherapy? 

iSTRYM is “always on” and ready to assist, so I see it providing reach and scale for psychedelic-assisted therapy. Historically the “pen and paper” model has presented challenges. iSTRYM brings many more touchpoints between the therapist and patient. It helps the client focus on what works best for them, and it advises the therapist on the efficacy of the activities associated with the treatment.

 Where do you see psychedelic medicines in the future and how much of an impact do you think they will make on healthcare as a whole?

If we can continue to show the efficacy of psychedelic assisted therapy with products, such as iSTRYM, I think healthcare will benefit with more options available to more people. This will drive the quality of life in a positive direction. The psychedelic option, assisted by trained professionals, gives hope to those who have found that traditional medicines have not worked as well as they had hoped.