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January 11, 2021

Eleusis Accelerates Psychedelic Drug Discovery and Development Team with Appointment of David Nichols, Ph.D., as Director of Molecular Pharmacology

LONDON & NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Eleusis Ltd, a clinical-stage life science company dedicated to unlocking the full therapeutic potential of psychedelics, today announced that it has appointed David E. Nichols, Ph.D., a renowned expert on the pharmacology and medicinal chemistry of psychedelics, as its Director of Molecular Pharmacology. He will collaborate closely with his son, Charles Nichols, Ph.D., the scientific founder of Eleusis, in an effort to accelerate the transformation of psychedelics into medicines.

Dr. David Nichols is an Adjunct Professor at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where he continues research. Prior to his retirement, he served as Distinguished Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, and as the Robert C. and Charlotte P. Anderson Distinguished Chair in Pharmacology at Purdue University. He is the founding president of the Heffter Research Institute, which was instrumental in the clinical reemergence of psychedelics, supporting early research into psilocybin at UCLA, Johns Hopkins, NYU, and other leading universities.

“We share Dr. Nichols’ deep commitment to unlocking the full therapeutic potential of psychedelics, within psychiatry and beyond psychiatry,” said Shlomi Raz, CEO of Eleusis. “David’s expertise and experience are unmatched, and we are thrilled to have him lead our molecular pharmacology and medicinal chemistry program.”

“I have studied the chemistry and pharmacology of psychedelics since 1969 and am convinced that psychedelics possess an incredible therapeutic potential if thoughtfully developed,” said Dr. Nichols. “The tremendous strides Eleusis and my son, Charles, have made over the past few years give me confidence that the company is on the verge of realizing this potential, and I am delighted to be joining the team.”

Eleusis is developing psychedelic infusion therapies intended to enhance the therapeutic profile of ketamine and psilocybin. Two of the company’s leading therapeutic candidates, ELE-Ket+ and ELE-Psilo+, are expected to enter Phase II clinical trials for the adjunctive treatment of major depressive disorder at the end of 2021. Eleusis’ pipeline also includes preclinical and clinical-stage assets that harness the profound anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective potential of psychedelics devoid of perceptual effects.

“I have been fascinated by the profound anti-inflammatory properties of psychedelics ever since I discovered them and am thrilled to now work together with my father to realize their potential,” said Dr. Charles Nichols. “I am confident we will transform psychedelics into new and powerful anti-inflammatory medicines.”

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