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May 27, 2021

Diamond Therapeutics to present groundbreaking study at NIH event

Dr. Edward Sellers, head of Diamond's clinical advisory board, will speak about the benefits of low-dose psilocybin

TORONTO, May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Diamond Therapeutics Inc. ("Diamond"), a leading psychedelic drug development company focused on sub-perceptual therapies for mental health, is pleased to announce that the head of its clinical advisory board, Dr. Edward Sellers, will be presenting at the NIH's Psilocybin Research Speaker Series on June 4, 2021.

Dr. Sellers, who is Professor Emeritus, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Medicine and Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, will be speaking from 12:30 to 1:00 EST.

His talk, which is titled "Low Doses of Psilocybin Enhance Motivation and Attention in Poor Performing Rats: Evidence for Antidepressant Properties," is based on results published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology earlier this year.

The research demonstrated, for the first time, that very low, non-hallucinogenic doses of psilocybin have beneficial properties, can improve mood and cognitive function and hold potential for therapeutic use. Diamond believes these findings may help unlock the use of low-dose psilocybin for the treatment of psychiatric disorders, including anxiety and depression.  

The study was within the top five percent of all research outputs in February 2021, as scored by Altmetric.

"These are the first, rigorous, dose-ranging behavioural studies to look at very low doses and concentrations of psilocybin and its metabolite psilocin, and show that hallucinogenic effects are not needed for a potential therapeutic effect," said Dr. Sellers.

The NIH Psilocybin Research Speaker Series runs from April 22 to June 10, 2021. This time-sensitive, comprehensive speaker series brings together the world's leading experts, including scientists, physician-scientists, clinical psychologists, and oncologists. Additionally, to provide a comprehensive discussion, there will be representation from disciplines engaged in this rapidly growing field of research, including experts representing patient advocacy, law, government science policy, and regulatory policy.

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About the study
Higgins, G. A., Carroll, N. K., Brown, M., MacMillan, C., Silenieks, L. B., Thevarkunnel, S., Izhakova, J., Magomedova, L., DeLannoy, I., & Sellers, E. M. (2021). Low Doses of Psilocybin and Ketamine Enhance Motivation and Attention in Poor Performing Rats: Evidence for an Antidepressant Property. Frontiers in Pharmacology, 12.

The research was funded in part by the Ontario Brain Institute's NERD (Neurotech Early Research & Development) program.

About Diamond Therapeutics
Diamond Therapeutics is a psychedelic drug development company based in Toronto. Our mission is to develop new and better therapies for mental health conditions by unlocking the promise of psychedelic compounds. Diamond is focused on sub-perceptual, non-hallucinogenic treatments that hold potential for use across a broad patient cohort —maximizing the positive impact better drugs can have on the global mental health crisis. To learn more about Diamond, visit

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