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September 8, 2020

AWAKN Life Sciences Launches Clinical Research Division with Prof. David Nutt & Dr. Ben Sessa Identifying Suitable Studies Across Europe & North America

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - September 8, 2020) - AWAKN Life Sciences Inc ("AWAKN"), the European psychedelic assisted psychotherapy company, today announces the launch of its Commercial Clinical Research Division.

AWAKN's purpose is broadening access to psychedelic assisted psychotherapy and integrating these services into mainstream mental healthcare in Europe across three business divisions of Clinical Research, Therapeutic Clinics, and Practitioner Training. AWAKN's Commercial Clinical Research Division focuses on sponsoring, designing and delivering existing compound, new indication psychedelic assisted psychotherapy clinical trials, for both for profit and not for profit organisations.

Dr. Ben Sessa, AWAKN's Chief Medical Officer, commented: "The world of psychedelic clinical research has been expanding at a staggering pace in recent years. It is unusual research that mostly comes from academic departments with private financial funding from philanthropic donations or private investors and a plethora of newly emerging small-scale psychedelic drug development start-ups - rather than from established pharmaceutical companies."

"Our mission at AWAKN is to ensure that research in this field is done ethically, in a timely fashion and always with a direct focus on bettering patient care and continually driving increased accessibility for the masses. We are also keen on focusing on clinical problems that are significant public health issues, not just rare or unusual psychiatric disorders."

"We are hugely excited about this launch of our Commercial Clinical Research Division, which enables AWAKN to work in partnership with both for profit and not for profit organisations to push the boundaries of psychedelic science and bring these essential medicines to the vast number of people who can benefit from them in these troubling times."

Professor David Nutt, Chair of AWAKN's Scientific Advisory Board, commented "The recent resurgence of interest in psychedelic medicine has been driven by neuroscience research leading to small translational medicine clinical trials. AWAKN's Scientific Advisory Board has world-leading experts who have pioneered this research renaissance. We welcome the chance to progress further studies in new indications in this new venture.

Anthony Tennyson, Chief Executive Officer adds: "This is another key milestone achieved on our journey to becoming the leading UK and EU psychedelic assisted psychotherapy company. 17% percent of Europe's population are affected by mental health issues annually so working with both profit / not for profit organisations to develop new clinical protocols will increase both the effectiveness of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy and the number of conditions that can be treated by psychedelic compounds."

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AWAKN Life Sciences is a UK and EU focused company that is dedicated to integrating psychedelics into mental healthcare. We work across three business lines of clinical research, therapeutic clinics and practitioner training.

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