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October 20, 2022

Albert Labs Files New International PCT Patent Application for scalable API manufacturing

VANCOUVER, BC, Oct. 20, 2022 /CNW/ - Albert Labs International Corp. (Albert Labs (CSE: ABRT) (FSE: VB50), the "Company"), a pharmaceutical drug development company focussed on gaining regulatory approval for active compounds to treat various mental health conditions, has announced the filing of a New International PCT Patent Application (No. PCT/CA2022/051281) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its proprietary manufacturing process.

This proprietary manufacturing methodology developed and validated in-house at Albert Labs' Vancouver facility facilitates the production and scaling of highly potent yields of its KRN-101 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API). The bioreactor technology is efficient, economical, and sustainable, ensuring pharmaceutical quality and consistent production of its natural, tryptamine-based medicines

The Company is utilising this proprietary manufacturing technology to produce its primary drug target, the psilocybin-based KRN-101, which will treat cancer patients suffering from mental distress. It will also support the company's growth plans as it pursues a clinical expansion strategy with various global regulatory authorities.

Dr Jean Saayman, Research and Development Lead for Albert Labs: "This technology is a very innovative approach to solving the scale-up issues faced by processes utilising high-value shear-sensitive organisms. The novel bioreactor and processing methods result in better yields with lower post-processing requirements, and the advantages for commercial API production are exciting. The R&D team worked diligently on this innovative technology, and we are all very proud of the benefits."

Dr Michael Raymont, CEO of Albert Labs: "This milestone demonstrates the Company's in-house biochemical engineering expertise and simultaneously establishes Albert Labs as a market leader in the controlled production and scaling of pharmaceutical quality, natural tryptamine-based medicines.

Quality and consistency are critically important conditions in order to meet regulatory requirements, and this presents a challenge to companies like Albert Labs, who are looking to utilise natural products to treat patients suffering from mental health challenges. To have the capability to produce natural medicines at scale and to pharmaceutical quality, provides the Company with an invaluable asset.

Traditional mental health treatments are unable to effectively and safely treat many mental health disorders. These disorders represent a currently unmet and urgent need. Utilising this technology for our primary drug target, KRN-101, Albert Labs is working to improve the lives of millions who are currently suffering."

Business of Albert Labs International Corp.

Albert Labs is a pharmaceutical drug development company, focussed on gaining regulatory approval for active compounds in the treatment of mental health, and providing rapid access to effective prescription medicines for people suffering from mental health disorders. Its team of experts leverage advanced culture technology and natural extraction, coupled with a comprehensive regulatory approach, to accelerate the development of mental health drugs, for which the needs are both urgent and unmet. Albert Labs looks to develop solutions through an approved, fast track clinical pathway focusing on Real World Evidence (RWE). RWE studies are an increasingly recognised clinical route, heavily used in oncology and recently, in the successful development of COVID-19 vaccines.

Through collaborations with research institutions, hospital centres and government agencies, Albert Labs uses existing clinical infrastructure to deliver and improve patient access to its treatment. Albert Labs' first drug target, KRN-101, is a potential solution for cancer-related anxiety, a market of over 15 million people with roughly 1 million new sufferers each year. From this initial focus, Albert Labs will address broader mental health concerns, reported to affect over a billion people worldwide.

The company's goal is to deliver effective medicines to suffers with mental health concerns in the shortest possible time without compromising safety and/or quality, while also providing significant returns to shareholders.

Albert Labs (CSE: ABRT) (FSE: VB50) is publicly listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

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Dr Michael Raymont

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman

Albert Labs International Corp.

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