The Yield Growth Corp

The Yield Growth Corp

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Yield Growth creates cannabis-infused products that bridge the gap between traditional knowledge and modern science.

Ancient healers understood the power of cannabis. From China to the Middle East to Africa and beyond, doctors used this adaptable plant for a wide variety of medical treatments. In India, cannabis was an essential ingredient in more than 80 traditional Ayurvedic formulas.

Today, the world is re-awakening to this traditional wisdom. Thanks to rigorous scientific research and relaxed regulation, a new group of consumers is beginning to grasp the potential of cannabis. Their minds are open. They have significant income and market influence. And they see how cannabis can enhance their wellbeing.

Yield Growth serves mainstream, luxury consumers who demand sophisticated wellness solutions. With ancient formulas backed by rigorous testing for quality, safety, and efficacy, we are uniquely poised to capitalize on a massive disruption in the $4.2 trillion-dollar global wellness industry.

Our flagship consumer brand, Urban Juve, has developed over 50 formulas for commercial launch. All these products contain Cannabis Sativa hemp seed oil or hemp root oil, and are created using our proprietary, patent-pending extraction technology. We have also filed 11 provisional patents in the United States.