Doug Benville | COO, Pure Extracts Corp

July 9, 2020

Pure Extracts Corp (CSE:PULL, Listing Pending) is positioned to be the premier commercialization and manufacturing partner for functional mushroom companies. The company is applying for a Dealers License with Health Canada which will enable them to buy, sell, test and produce psychedelics in an EU GMP environment.

What did you find compelling about the opportunity in functional mushrooms as an extraction company?

The opportunity to expand into functional mushroom extraction is really exciting. It is one of the fastest growing CPG sectors out there and people are really just starting to realize the health benefits of these products.  There are huge potentials for natural health products locked inside mushroom biomass and the products out there currently are very inconsistent. Taking our extraction techniques that we have perfected in the cannabis space over the last several years and applying them to the functional mushroom space will allow us to unlock those potentials and create some really beneficial products. Initially, we are concentrating on the key attributes of the functional mushroom market: consistency, potency, and efficacy.

What advantages does Pure have as an extractor and formulations company?

Our experience in the extraction space sets us apart and our extensive background in edibles is an ideal entrance into the mushroom space. We already have a ton of experience working with different biomass and formulating extracted products in the cannabis space. Our expansion into the mushroom space is built around a profitable, expanding cannabis and hemp extraction business utilizing both our CO2 & ethanol extraction technology that has been battle tested in the field for several years. This is not a science experiment. We already have over 30 tried and tested, full spectrum oil (FSO) vape formulations and years of experience. We can use that experience in functional mushrooms to create some really superior products.

From a science perspective, could you share how cannabis and mushroom extractions are different?

Cannabis and mushroom extraction actually share many similarities. There are certain solvents that lend themselves better to mushroom extraction, water or ethanol. where they start to differ slightly is in post processing. Depending on the product you are formulating for there are ways to create really stable compounds from mushroom extract. That have the potential for extremely long shelf life.

How have you built Pure’s operations to be scalable for working with multiple plants, such as cannabis and mushrooms?

We went into Pure with the mindset of being an extraction company first. Yes we are focused on a particular biomass and getting our cannabis and mushroom formulations to market to generate revenue, but we thought it was important not to pigeon hole yourself as a "strictly cannabis" extraction company. Our multi-plant experience and state-of-the-art CO2 and ethanol extraction equipment set us up very nicely for the mushroom sector and our extraction techniques and expertise in formulation can be applied to almost any biomass. And there are huge opportunities in sectors other than cannabis.

What do you think most people don’t yet understand about the opportunity for extraction focused companies?

Extraction is a huge market. And the potential for products that can be formulated by expanding the input materials your company processes are almost endless. To see the real potential for these companies. You need to look past just cannabis extraction. The knowledge we gained from cannabis can be applied across several different extraction sectors. Not just in the functional mushroom and natural health product space, but looking beyond. The compounds that you can unlock through extraction allow you to create potent products that can produce accurately prescribed dosages for use in pharma. Such as the potential to extract psilocybin for use in manufacturing pharma products. Furthermore, the economics of the extraction business has been robust and based on our definitive contracts, should be very profitable going forward.

Could you walk us through what the typical process is to take something from a raw plant to an extracted and formulated product?

A typical extraction process starts by running a solvent through ground biomass. This creates a crude product that, depending on the solvent chosen, the temperature of the solvent and the pressure at which the solvent is run through the biomass. needs to be post processed. There are several different post processing techniques that can be used to create different end products. Winterization, Distillation or Crystallization can all be used to further refine the extracted product to either target a certain compound or reach a desired potency. Once you have created a refined extract it can be mixed with other compounds to create your desired formulation.
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